DVD: DJ ROB SWIFT: Live! The Documented Movement

X-Man, X-Ecutioner, turntablist and producer DJ Rob Swift has released a new DVD that reveals his beginnings/inspirations and showcases some of the illest scratch DJing on film from DJ Rob Swift and his crew Ill Insanity.

Dividing its running time between "Behind the Music" style interviews, performances and promotion of DJ Rob Swift's current album, "The Architect", "DJ Rob Swift: Live! The Documented Movement" is a labor of love and presents Rob Swift as a DJ who continues to pioneer and uphold the virtues of his craft. Esteemed veterans of hip hop such as Large Professor, Akinyele, Rhymefest, Marco Polo, Dr. Butcher, Sadat X and Breeze Evahflowin' speak on collaborations and the impact of Rob's contributions to hip hop. Rapper Akinyele recounts the making of his first album "Vagina Diner" and how he, Large Professor and Rob Swift became creative equals on the project.

I expected the DVD to primarily showcase DJ Rob Swift's skills on the turntables but to my surprise, there was ample footage of his crew Ill Insanity (DJ Total Eclipse & DJ Precision) performing together with each having their own extended solo. The three reunite onstage as the X-Men with original member Mista Sinista and give a solemn yet uplifting tribute to their most famous member Grandmaster Roc Raida who passed in 2009.

Bonus features on the DVD include an amazing in store performance at Fat Beats NYC filmed during its final week of business. DJ Rob Swift does a set where he furiously scratches to match a classical piano composition note for note. There is also an extended one on one interview between Rob Swift and veteran DJ/producer Dr. Butcher. It is here that Rob reveals the longtime friendship and mentorship between the two. Dr. Butcher is one of the defining inspirations behind DJ Rob Swift and much of their early history is discussed. The final additional feature is the first video release from Rob's album "The Architect", "Rabia- 2nd Movement".

"DJ Rob Swift: Live! The Documented Movement" is available at www.djrobswift.com

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