THEZROHOUR is back with the premiere episode of the 7th season! I took the summer off to work on some personal projects and to get my beat game up. This season promises to be one of the best as 7 is the number of completion.

I set the show off with a classic from DE LA SOUL and roll right into incredible new music from JOELL ORTIZ, SKI BEATZ, SKYZOO, KRS ONE, NORE, JUGANOT, SHEEK LOUCH, AMANDA DIVA, WIZ KHALIFA and SIX ZRO artists AUDIO KNOX and SAFARI.

My first guest for the 7th season,human beatboxer CHESNEY SNOW, is no stranger to THEZROHOUR. He has appeared on the 5th anniversary show rocking with Eternia and the Misnomer(s) and in multiple videos posted on THEZROHOUR.COM. Chesney calls in to speak about his work including the 1st American Beatboxing Championships and his starring role in the new off broadway play IN TRANSIT. Chesney Snow is one of the fastest rising talents in hip hop today. Enjoy the show!



A ONE TWO- Joell Ortiz
CLIP UP- Sheek Louch feat. Jadakiss
DOLLAR (RMX)- Juganot feat. Joell Ortiz, Red Cafe, Maino, Cassidy & Papoose
BACK UPTOWN- Ski Beatz feat. Camp Lo
THE WORLD (& Coffee)- Dayo
LOVE ME- Audio Knox
SPEAKERS ON BLAST- Skyzoo & Illmind
I LIKE COLLEGE (RMX)- Asher Roth feat. Chesney Snow
MANCHILD- Amanda Diva
NOW SLEEP- Lady Daisey
RUNAWAY- Kanye West feat. Pusha T
ONE DAY- Safari


VIDEO: ROCK DANCE HISTORY: The Untold Story of Up-Rockin'

ROCK DANCE HISTORY: The Untold Story of Up-Rockin' Vol. One features Bronx Rock dance legends: Enoch, Papo and Marine Boy. The documentary was filmed, edited, directed and produced by Jorge "PopMaster Fabel" Pabon. This series of interviews reveals amazing dance footage as well as pieces to the puzzle of the history of one of the major foundational dance forms associated with Hip Hop culture, known as Rockin', and later referred to as Up-Rockin'. Part of Fabel's inspiration for undertaking this series was due in part to controversy regarding the history of this dance form.

This work in progress is a response to certain Brooklyn based dancers adamantly rejecting the possibility of early Rock dance originating out of the Bronx and Manhattan. Within the past 15 years, claims have been made that the Rock dance and its "original" style and "correct" form began in Brooklyn. After years of debating and valid points falling on deaf ears, Fabel took it upon himself to seek out some of the Rock dance legends from the Bronx and Manhattan. He was determined to have their voices heard and their rightful place in Rock dance history established. The subjects in this documentary will challenge the history of Rock dance as most people know it and will finally set the record straight regarding their part in the history and development of this amazing dance form!

Note from Fabel: "This documentary was also inspired by my continuous efforts in presenting a different perspective of Rock dance history. One example being this note I posted on January 8, 2010: To all students of the Rock & B-boy dance, keep an open mind & learn the whole truth! ROCK DANCE HISTORY: The Untold Story of Up-Rockin' will be screened in it's entirety at a soon to be announced venue and date. It will feature more interviews of Rock dancers from the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. The event will include a panel discussion with Rock dance pioneers and legends plus a Rockin' contest which these legends will judge.

Thanks to TOOLS OF WAR

VIDEO: REKS- "This Or That" Produced by Statik Selektah


MUSIC TECH: MaschineMusic.com the New Native Instruments Maschine User Community

SaintJoe, a frequent contributor to the Music Tech section and creator of soundsandgear.com, has created a new user forum/website for users and enthusiasts of Native Instruments Maschine. Maschine is the newest hardware/software drum sampling machine that offers a great deal of powerful sounds and efficient workflow. It is designed as a bridge between MPC/groovebox users and those who work with midi software, combining the best of both worlds. Take it away SaintJoe:

People with similar interests love to get together and hang out, share tips, ideas, or just chill. Sorta like all the crazy folks like me that love to make music…..yeah that’s you :)

I saw there was really no place for various Maschine users to connect and network. We mostly visit the official NI forums, but most look to that as simply a place to go when you want support. There was no place to just go and hang out, talk about Maschine, post videos, etc…all in one spot.

So you know I had to do something about that right?

Now we have MaschineMusic.com, it’s an online community dedicated to users, possible users, or anyone interested in Native Instruments Maschine. I think it’s always good to have an “unofficial” place to discuss and build around a product, just so you’re not at the “mercy” of the company who’s product it is you’re discussing. And no matter what folks will say, Maschine is here to stay, it seems it can only get better.

AllHipHop.com Investigates Legendary NY Gang The Decepticons

This was a very thorough piece published this past September. During the 1980's, The Decepticons, the gang not the cartoon foes of the Autobots, were one of the most feared and reckless groups terrorizing NYC. If you are from that era, you undoubtedly remember at least one incident involving the Brooklyn based "Decepts". ALLHIPHOP.COM published a very through look into the history and infamy of the gang as well as interviews with figures in hip hop who either ran with them or were members of the gang.

Read Part I HERE
Read Part II HERE

VIDEO: SKYZOO & ILLMIND- "Speakers On Blast"



Solo For Dolo & Dashah rocking their track "Protein Barz" (produced by Natural Diggers) off Dashah's HIPHOPDX.com exclusive project "Rap Burglar 3".

VIDEO: LEFTY aka the L.E.F.T.- "Mr. Kill The Devil"


MIXTAPES: NAUGHTY BY NATURE feat. The Garden State Greats hosted by THE WONDER TWINZ

Naughty by Nature gives the streets some New Jersey heat with the release of Naughty by Nature featuring Garden State Greats: The Mixtape via the blog on their official website - www.naughtybynature.com. The free, 7-track release features multi-platinum, Grammy award-winners Treach, Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee with guests the Garden State Greats, a group composed of the hottest underground Jersey MCs.

Naughty by Nature is currently in the studio working on their first album with all three original members in over a decade - Anthem Inc.


VIDEO: WIZ KHALIFA- "Black & Yellow"

October 14: Book Signing & Party for THE BOOMBOX PROJECT by Lyle Owerko

Clic Gallery is proud to present the world debut of photoseries THE BOOMBOX by LYLE OWERKO. The exhibit will run from October 5 to December 5, 2010. While in Tokyo in 2001, photographer Lyle Owerko found a mint late-seventies Victor JVC at an outdoor market. Having already been a collector, his hunt began for more rare and obscure models. Beloved by rappers, b-boys, dancers, political protestors, and punks, a siren call to gather and dance, the boombox reminds us of when music was a collective experience and the street was a club. Owerko spent years collecting and photographing a remarkable set of vintage boomboxes, resulting in an arresting, unexpected photoseries of these cult objects.

In conjuction with the exhibit, Abrams Books is publishing THE BOOMBOX PROJECT: THE MACHINES, THE MUSIC, AND THE URBAN UNDERGROUND. Featuring an introduction by Spike Lee, this collection of archival photographs, Owerko's own images, and commentary on boombox culture by Fab 5 Freddy, Spike Lee, Kool Moe Dee, LL Cool J, Rosie Perez, DJ Spooky, Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys and Pras of the Fugees, the book, like the photographs, is an extraordinary historical document.
Come to Clic Gallery for the book signing of THE BOOMBOX by LYLE OWERKO on October 14th, 6 to 8 pm at 255 Centre Street. Featuring DJ set by DJ Stretch Armstrong, breakdancers and special guests. For more information about the book and current exhibit, click HERE

MIXTAPES: Def Jam Records / D-Block presents Sheek Louch - Donnie Def Jam: Guerilla Warfare Vol.1

Track List:
1. Guerilla Warfare Intro
2. Let's Get Rich Feat. Bully prod. by Tuneheads
3. Remember Me prod. by Big H
4. All My Love prod. by Success
5. Don't Get Out A Line prod. by Success
6. Clip Up Feat. Jadakiss prod. by Y-Not for Spazout Music
7. I'm Outta Here Dude prod. by Mr. Raja
8. Ringtone prod. by Young Cee for Spazout Music
9. Hood I Can Feat. Tommy Stars
10. Ease My Pain Feat. S.I.
11. Silverback Mack Feat. Beanie Sigel prod. by Black Keys
12. Can't Shake The Game prod by J. Cardim
13. Interlude
14. This Hip Hop Feat. Joell Ortiz & Termanology prod by Scram Jones
15. I'm A Believer Feat. Avery Storm
16. Closer Feat. Tre Williams prod. by Soul G
17. All I Need ft. Mike Smith prod. by Marcus D'Tray for Spazout Music
18. Shit Is Crazy Feat. Tre Williams prod. by Soul G
19. The Weather Gets Warm Feat. D-Block (Bully, Moxberg, A.P., Straw & Snipe Lyfe)
20. Not A Drug Dealer Dirty prod. by Dj Green Lantern
21. My Life Feat. Bully & Avery Storm prod. by Sean C
22. What Up Feat. Masspike Miles prod. by Write Time Music Group
23. Cocaine Trafficking Feat. Styles P.
24. Jungle Music prod. by Sean C And L.V.




I missed this dope track that was released late summer. Juganot is the truth!

VIDEO: BILAL- "Restart"

MISNOMER(S) Release New Album "American I(s)"

Sisters Knewdles & SoS (Sis On Strings) , also known as MISNOMER(S), released their debut album "American I(s)". Misnomer(s) appeared on the 5th anniversary podcast of THEZROHOUR performing their song "Woo Hoo". Knewdles and SoS have long been a fixture on the independent/underground hip hop scene in NYC surprising audiences with thought provoking lyrical content (Knewdles) and classical violin (SoS). Preview their album below and purchase at misnomers.bandcamp.com.

<a href="http://misnomers.bandcamp.com/album/american-i-s">American I(s) by Misnomer(S)</a>
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