ART: Justin BUA & MASScanvas $5000 T-Shirt Design Contest/Signed Print Giveaway

Justin BUA has joined MASScanvas to issue his T-shirt design challenge: "Unity."
As a ground-breaking urban artist, break-dancer, producer, author, art professor, and all-around Renaissance Man, BUA knows a thing or two about Unity. His own art is strongly influenced by the people in his community, originally New York and now Los Angeles. He paints people from all walks of life and areas of town, featuring different backdrops and showcasing diverse, creative passions. His chosen charity, Farm Sanctuary, also promotes Unity--toward animals, toward our own health, at a local level as well as at a broader, national level with their legislative endeavors.

What does Unity or 'being united' bring up for you? What message of Unity would you like to share with the world. Show BUA and the world a design that you think best answers this challenge, and makes a fantastic T-shirt to boot.

Five winning designers will win $1,000 in cash each, after a public vote and final selection by our Artist Roundtable (including BUA himself!). At the end of the challenge (April 21st 2011 at midnight), tees with the winning designs go up for sale (by April 30th 2011), and 10% of all the sales will go to support Farm Sanctuary.

**As a BONUS, Justin BUA & MASScanvas has provided THEZROHOUR with a signed print of BUA's painting "1981"! To win this print, all you have to do is send an email to edaye@thezrohour.com with an answer to this question- WHICH FAMOUS NYC HIGH SCHOOL DID JUSTIN BUA ATTEND? The first person with the correct answer will win this free print. Winner will be announced Friday April 22, 2011**

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