Associate Of Tony Yayo Charged With Assaulting Jimmy Henchmen's Son

ALLHIPHOP has posted new info on the alleged assault by rapper Tony Yayo on the son of Czar Entertainment's CEO, Jimmy Henchman:

By Nolan Strong

An associate of G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo has been hit with criminal charges, stemming from an altercation with the 14-year-old son of music executive Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond.

Lawell Fletcher, 29, was charged with various misdemeanor offenses, for allegedly flashing a gun a Rosemond's son, during an altercation in which Yayo allegedly backhanded the teen for wearing a Czar Entertainment shirt.

Rosemond manages a number of top-selling rappers including former G-Unit member-turned-rival The Game.

According to the police report, on Mar. 20, Yayo and Lawell Fletcher were riding as passengers when they approached the boy as he walked to his internship at his father's label, Czar Entertainment.

Yayo and several associates surrounded the teen and Yayo allegedly smacked him, causing his head to strike the door of a building.

During the altercation Fletcher allegedly flashed "what appeared to be a "silver semi-automatic handgun in his waistband, with his hand on the handle."

The teen, who feared he would be "shot and killed" if he fled, said the action has since caused headaches, earaches and "substantial" pain to his face.

On May 21, Fletcher was charged with menacing in the second degree, endangering the welfare of a child and assault in the third degree.

Yayo was charged with one count of misdemeanor assault and one count of endangering the welfare of a minor on Mar. 25.

Yayo has denied assaulting the teen and pleaded not guilty to the charges in April.

The rapper's next court appearance is July 24, but decisions on a series of motions made by Yayo's attorney Scott Leemon are expected later this month.
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