VIDEO: 50 CENT On CNBC Plugging His Book "THE 50TH LAW"


"Curtis Jackson, more commonly known as rap icon 50 Cent, appeared on CNBC's Power Lunch today to discuss the art of getting rich, and to plug his book, "The 50th Law."

Jackson's a mega-star, but he's also a shrewd businessman. Last year he pulled in a reported $150 million, and was ranked as Forbes' top celebrity earner. His deal-making skills reportedly earned him an after tax profit of $100 million on his early investment in Vitaminwater.

Teaming up with Robert Greene, the author of the cult self-help book, "The 48 Laws Of Power" - a favorite of several prominent rappers - Jackson's book urges readers to live without fear. The book also suggests using "intense realism" to "see things for what they are."

This is a good look but damn 50, why didn't you have someone fix your tie correctly?


Rockstar Games and Timbaland Present BEATERATOR

"Beaterator makes modern music production simple. Users are guided into experimenting with musical loops, created by both Timbaland and Rockstar Games, in a spontaneous Live Play mode that allows for layering and jamming without requiring any knowledge of the powerful production tools underneath. When users are ready, Beaterator’s Song Crafter and Studio modes will gradually lead them into creating and manipulating sounds, sampling and voice recording."

Beaterator lets you make music on the go and will be available for the PlayStation®Portable system on September 29, and this fall on the iPhone™ and iPod® touch.

For more information, log onto www.rockstargames.com/beaterator

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VIDEO: EMINEM & D12's Kon Artis Freestyling On Westwood One

Rapper Ludacris Gives Away 20 Cars in Contest

The Ludacris Foundation and Nissan South partnered to give away 20 used vehicles to selected Metro Atlanta area residents as part of his LudaDay weekend. Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris has given away 20 cars to people who wrote about their struggles to keep their jobs for a lack of wheels of their own. Over 4,000 people entered the contest with the winners being chosen by the content of their 300 word essay explaining the necessity of the car.

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