R.I.P. Grandmaster Roc Raida

What is going on? There have been too many monumental deaths as of late. Hip Hop has lost another great treasure. Today it was announced that world famous DJ Grandmaster Roc Raida has died from unspecified causes. His family is being private with the details for now. Roc Raida, born Anthony Williams, became internationally known after taking home the DMC World DJ Championship in 1995. He is a founding member of the X-Ecutioners (formerly known as the X-Men), produced music, created the Gong DJ Battle and was currently on tour as Busta Rhymes' DJ. Our condolences go out to his family at this time. Hopefully we will get more details surrounding his death soon. Read more about Roc Raida at ALLHIPHOP.COM.

EDIT: An updated article both eulogizing and revealing the cause of his death (an accident stemming from Krav Maga training) was posted on ALLHIPHOP. Read that HERE



Leave it to Ghostface to drop an intensely descriptive audio sex session and back it up with an erotic video. Not safe for work indeed. This is from his upcoming "Wizard of Poetry" CD. Gotta get that!

Peace to mrworldpremiere.net


Ester Dean's new single inspired by the film More Than A Game features Chris Brown with appearances from Keri Hilson. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, and Nelly. Its crazy!


VIDEO: PACEWON & MR. GREEN- "Four Quarters"

The 6th video from the critically acclaimed album "The Only Color That Matters is Green" on ITUNES and in stores now. Directed by Pace Bowden. Be on the lookout out for "The Only Number That Matters is Won" coming in late '09/early 2010.


VIDEO: LIL MAMA Speaks on Crashing Jay-Z's and Alicia Keys' Performance at MTV VMAs

Everybody is talking about Sunday's VMA awards and not just about Kanye. Rapper Lil Mama was the subject of scorn for crashing the end of jay-Z's closing performance. In the above video, she describes being caught up in the moment and wanted to rep Brooklyn and celebrate Jay-Z.

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EDIT: Alicia Keys appeared on NBC's Today show and spoke on the VMA incident-

VIDEO: BRANDY Reveals Her Rapping Skills

WHOA with a capital WHOA! This home vid was dropped this summer and I don't know how i missed it. Brandy demos a possibly upcoming track called "It's My Party" where she's rapping all the verses. It sounds ill! Brandy needs to drop some heat like this and serve notice. Hell, if Tyrese can reveal his rapping alter ego, Black Ty, then the lane is open for Brandy.

VIDEO: MC LYTE- "Brooklyn"

One of the hottest new tracks from MC Lyte, "Brooklyn", gets a hometown video. Lick a shot!!

VIDEO: The Brilliance Behind Kid Cudi: Interview with lighting designer, John Goldstein

The Brilliance Behind Kid Cudi from theQside.com on Vimeo.

"Kid Cudi on the Great Hangover tour has gotten a lot of people talking about the lighting design of it. This is an interview with the artist who made it. Meet John Goldstein."

VIDEO: Lefty is Uzi Scott- "Big Noise" (RMX)

Lefty is Uzi Scott: Big Noise (remix) from Lefty is Uzi Scott on Vimeo.


Actor Patrick Swayze Dies at 57

After a long battle with pancreatic cancer, Patrick Swayze, star of iconic films, "Ghost" & "Dirty Dancing, died Monday. Fans of the actor learned of his illness in early 2008. He kept working despite the diagnosis, writing a memoir with his wife and starring in "The Beast," an A&E drama series. He will forever be known in the hip hop community as the inspiration for a popular slang term in the late eighties/early 90's- "Swayze". His last name, "Swayze" was used to define "I'm gone", "I'm outta here", "I'm leaving" referring to his character being a ghost in the film of the same title.

President Obama Calls Kanye West A Jackass for his VMA Outburst...Off the Record

If President Obama calls you a jackass, you done f*cked up! HUFFINGTONPOST reports that "During a CNBC interview on Monday, President Obama called Kanye West a "jackass" regarding his behavior at the MTV Video Music Awards. Obama's colorful remark was actually made in an off-the-record portion of the interview that was tweeted -- and then deleted -- by ABC News reporter Terry Moran." Read more at the link. Due to the overwhelming backlash, Kanye has been publicly apologizing non-stop and appeared on tonight's Jay Leno Show being very remorseful. He states that he will be taking some time off to reflect on this incident and his life in general..


Kanye Spazzes On MTV's VMA Awards, Disrupts Taylor Swift's Acceptance Speech

By now I am sure many have seen Kanye West showing his ass on another awards show. I was first pissed about it but as I review the footage it looks like it could have been set up. You know how MTV did it last time with the Eminem/Bruno stunt. The incident appeared spontaneous but Eminem later admitted to being in on the prank. This time, whether planned or not, it was a bad look for Ye..

On another note..Dudes work fast. Check out this video mash up with the Kanye VMA outburst and Obama's speech on healthcare to congress this week-

VIDEO: "R.I.P. to FEMALE EMCEES" Eternia & MoSS - Road to Release Episode #11 feat. MC LYTE & JEAN GRAE

VIDEO: FRESH VETZ- "Style Like Mine"

Street video for the first single off of Fresh Vetz' upcoming CD. Single dropping September 15th!


Press release:

To maintain any sort of relevance and longevity in today’s music landscape speaks for itself, but to do so for two decades speaks volumes; with the union of two of Hip-Hop’s most respected and beloved emcees, Masta Ace and EDO. G, those unique talents are on full display as they combine to form A&E.

Over the course of their illustrious careers, Masta Ace and EDO. G have moved the masses and influenced countless (Eminem counts Masta Ace as one of his biggest influences). From his auspicious origins as a member of the legendary Juice Crew, Masta Ace has given us numerous classics, from perhaps the greatest posse cut of all time (“The Symphony” and perhaps another contender with “Crooklyn”) to stand out singles from his highly-acclaimed solo-LP’s including, “Music Man,” “Me & The Biz,” “Slaughtahouse,” “Born To Roll,” “Jeep Ass Nigguh, “Sitting On Chrome,” “Good Ol’ Love” and “Beautiful” to just name a few. Ace’s last two solo-LP’s Disposable Arts and Long Hot Summer ended up on many prominent “Best Of” lists for those years.

EDO’s catalog is equally as impressive! Genuinely considered the Godfather of Boston Hip-hop, EDO. G has crafted numerous classics (“Be A Father To Your Child,” “I Got To Have It,” “Bug-A-Boo” and “Love Comes And Goes” among others) and in 1991 “I Got To Have It” hit number one on the Billboard and YO! MTV Raps countdown. EDO’s debut, Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto, sold over 600,000 units on the strength of his flawless portraits of inequalities in Roxbury and became his city’s first and only rap artist to ever go Gold. In the 15 years since, EDO’s dropped four heralded LPs and two EPs, toured the world extensively, and collaborated with the likes of Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Nottz, KRS One, Common, Guru, Brand New Heavies, Sadat X, Black Thought and many, many others.

While EDO and Masta Ace have collaborated before previously, including a track, “Wutuwankno” from Ace’s A Long Hot Summer and “Wishing” from EDO’s My Own Worst Enemy LP, their collaboration project Arts & Entertainment pairs them together for an entire LP and finds them collaborating with Large Professor, Posdnus of De La Soul, DOITALL of Lords Of The Underground, KRS-One, Chester French and Floetry’s Marsha Ambrosious.

Using the better part of the last 18-months, EDO and Masta Ace were able to circumvent criss-crossing schedules, touring, and their own recording schedules to record over 30 tracks for Arts & Entertainment, though the beginning stages did have Masta Ace worried initially “to be honest, I was hesitant at first, because I didn’t think we’d be able to pull it off (logistically), but now I could not be more excited, because its so good!”

For EDO, the pairing takes on a more historical perspective “for me, this is the culmination of two legendary artists getting together for the right reason—to make a great album. We did not get together for the money, we got together to give fans the best LP of 2009. Ace and I are still at the top of our game lyrically and musically.”

Masta Ace and EDO. G—their Art is your Entertainment!

More info:


VIDEO: Q-TIP Speaks On the Journey of Releasing KAMAAL THE ABSTRACT

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Peace to ALLHIPHOP.COM! KAMAAL THE ABSTRACT drops September 15th. Support great music!
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