ALBUM REVIEW: LEFTY aka THE L.E.F.T.- "Kill The Messenger"

Bash Bros (Piseas and Lefty aka The L.E.F.T.) have long been a fixture in the Bay Area hip hop scene and put in work as one of the most consistent and persistent artists around. These guys drop a staggering amount of work and this newest solo project by The L.E.F.T. maybe one of the strongest releases yet.

"Kill The Messenger" has become one of my favorite releases from the last several months. This 10 track album caught me off guard due to the original production sound which fits Lefty's flow and lyrics perfectly. Lefty spits with a mischievous, yet dark flow. Imagine your subconscious sitting on your shoulder digging in your ear prodding you to act out- that's the effect of The L.E.F.T. "Kill The Messenger" combines life lessons with anarchist and revolutionary themes that illustrate the often deceptive and conflicting nature of the messages we receive.

Enough cannot be said about the production. Produced solely by Lorn, with "Never Knew Me" produced by Dextah, the album takes you through these soundscapes of ethereal synths, cinematic strings and percussive attacks. Standout tracks include "Left Field" ft. DJ Icewater, "Eye Wide Open", "Fix It For You" ft. Roch, "Turn On The Wheels", "Never Knew Me" and "Devil's Diary".


Check out more of The L.E.F.T.'s music on his bandcamp page.

Below are the videos for "Turn On The Wheels" and "American Zombie Voodoo Child":

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