Pictured from top to bottom: Supernatural, Rhymefest, Kool G Rap, Kid Novice, The Knux, Kaimbr & Rock (Heltah Skeltah)

Weee're Baaack...with a great new episode of THE ZRO HOUR featuring some incredible new joints for 2008! We set the show off with a long missed SUPERNATURAL joint and followed with heaters by THE KNUX, AKROBATIK feat CHUCK D, BEKAY, KIDZ IN THE HALL, AAROPHAT, KOOL G RAP(!),ETERNIA & HERO (E-Dot & Darp Malone). Don't miss the hilarious RHYMEFEST "duet" with MICHAEL JACKSON.

Alexie F. and myself have been cooking up some strong moves lately and we want to take this time to say thank you and props to all those who support us and come through for good vibes, great music and Info. Come back and visit often. Spread the word..

THE ZRO HOUR 03.15.08 (103MB)




SUN MOVE ON-Aarophat
RISIN' UP-Kool G Rap
THE SWEETEST THING Rmx-Lauryn Hill feat. John Forte
NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE-Rhymfest & Talib Kweli
MIKE THE MENTOR-Rhymefest & Michael Jackson
ATTEMPTED MURDER-Rock (Heltah Skeltah)
44 BARS OF NOV-Kid Novice
KINDRED-Akrobatik feat. Chuck D
FREEDOM-Lauryn Hill


Video: Pace Won & Mr. Green "Hip Hop"

New video from one of our spotlight artists PACE WON & MR. GREEN.


Godhead The General @ The Nuyorican Poets Cafe

If you are in the NYC area on Saturday, March 15th, slide through to check out Godhead The General at one of my favorite venues for that realness- NUYORICAN POETS CAFE.

VIDEO: The Roots "75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction)"

Crazy new video and single release from Philly's and the worlds greatest hip hop band, THE ROOTS! Peace to TRACE BLOG for the heads up.


This week's spotlight artist is again someone not new to THE ZRO HOUR but the time is now to reveal more about the "Rap Burglar" aka "The Inkaholik" emcee known as DASHAH. Dashah represents a needed return to the days of emcees who invest their life into the pen and pad. Dashah's focused, deliberate flow shows the beat who's in charge and keeps headz focused on his descriptive wordplay. Born in Alabama, Dashah was raised in Long Island, a long time Hip Hop Mecca. As a kid he was surrounded by music- schooled to funk by his DJ dad and rap from the fellows on the block. Dashah loved everyone from Digital Underground to Big Daddy Kane and the Native Tongues posse. In the mid 90’s D and his family (he’s the middle of 4 kids) moved further out on the Island and, coincidentally their new neighbors were the families of old school legends Rakim and Erick Sermon. In high school Dashah and his boys started making homemade mix tapes and by 1997 he was in his first MC battle and then his very first show. “I was 17 and I was getting a little local buzz.” The next year D and his crew Long Island Trees came through with another tape and then just as things were heating up, Dashah went down south to spend time with his dying grandmother. “All my grandmother wanted was for me to finish school and succeed in music. After she passed, I decided to get serious because it was what she asked me to do.” In 1999 Dashah moved back home and two years later dropped the Unexplainable First Edition: which lead to opening slots for Ja Rule, Fabolous and Naughty By Nature Even though things were going well, D decided he needed a change of scene to push his career even further. He moved to Cali in 2002, dividing his time between LA and San Diego. Money was tight but that didn’t stop Dashah from spending his last dime on a hip-hop convention. His hope? That he’d make some connections and get his music into the right hands.

He did and soon D had a manager who hooked him up with producer Chris Warrior. After two years creating hot songs Warrior introduced D to Yon Styles, a young industry vet (Black Eyed Peas) and product manager for Fuzz Artists- an indie digital label. Styles dug what he heard and offered D a deal but Dashah admits, “I wasn’t sure. It was so new but then I figured, why not?” In 2006 Dashah signed with Fuzz Artists, formed his production company Top Shelf Enterprises, and headed back to NY: ready to reaffirm his hometown’s legacy. After dropping “F*ck Da Majors” D and crew headed back to the lab where they are currently cooking up his Fuzz Artists debut. This year will see the release of his album project. Dashah is due to drop a mixtape before the album (Yo D, when can I hear it?) and is currently featured on the first single, DECORATED VET off of ILL INSANITY's (new group featuring two former members of the X-Ecutioners-Rob Swift and DJ Eclipse and DJ Precision) new CD GROUND XERO. Hit him up and let him know what you think...


We Still Love You B.I.G. Poppa..And Guess Who's Starring As The Notorious One?

Although the anniversary of B.I.G.'s (Christopher Wallace) death was officially yesterday, March 9th, it is never too late to show love and remember one of the best and most loved to ever do it. I am a bit biased since I am from Brooklyn (Bed-Stuy born and raised) but his legacy still stands. Pump the first two CDs, "Ready To Die" and "Life After Death" and weed plate the posthumous releases (except for a handful of heaterz) during this sad memorial.

We have been hearing bits and pieces about the production of a Biggie bio pic and last week it was revealed who won the coveted title role- Brooklyn rapper Jamal Woolard aka "Gravy". Woolard mad a couple of albums in the 90's and was signed to Warner Brothers Records. He made the headlines in 2006 when he was shot in the buttocks outside of NY's Hot 97 radio station becoming a victim of a drive by shooting. His casting has the blessing of B.I.G.'s mom, Voletta Wallace, an executive producer on the project. You won't believe who is slated to play her...Click HERE to find out.


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