THE ZRO HOUR began in 2004 as a twice monthly, underground/pirate radio show broadcast on Galaxy Plus 90.5 FM in Brooklyn, NY. The first 5 years were co-hosted by the founding members- EDAYE, Alexie F. and DJ Ambush. THE ZRO HOUR’s format includes Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, underground and classics. The show draws influences from New York Hip Hop radio past and present. These underground radio shows were hosted by pioneers such as Mr. Magic, the Supreme Team, Afrika Islam, Red Alert, Hank Love & DNA, P-Fine, Marley Marl, Awesome 2 and Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito. Each show has a unique format with an emphasis on the rarely appreciated influences within R&B and Hip Hop music. Featuring exclusive, new releases to album cuts and unsigned talent.

All podcasts of THE ZRO HOUR are available from THEZROHOUR.COM, PODOMATIC.COM and iTUNES. Podcasts are encoded in AAC/MP4 and MP3 format. THEZROHOUR.COM also serves as a home for news, commentary and information. The site is in a blog format and is updated regularly with videos, links and new music. Some of the music included in the show is provided by several independent promotional companies such as Foundation Media and Amalgam Digital. We also visit local venues and dig through myspace.com and other social networking sites for new talent to expose our audience to. We only play music that we believe in and our sincerity, knowledge & experience comes across in every show.

THE ZRO HOUR has maintained a presence within the podcasting community since the latter half of 2004. The show is listed with several podcasting directories such as podcastpickle.com, podcastingnews.com, podcastdirectory.com, and digtalpodcast.com. All programming is commercial free and uncensored. Earlier shows contained radio safe edits sourced from the pirate radio broadcasts.

The strength of THE ZRO HOUR is founded on the chemistry between its host and guests. The atmosphere remains loose and humorous. Simultaneous to being entertained, the listener is being informed and encouraged to seek more info on the artists and discover on their own. Past guests and interviews have included Lin Que, Bekay, Godhead The General, Eternia, The Misnomer(s), Point Dot Period, Dashah, Hasan Salaam, Randy Mason, Monster, Chesney Snow, The Beat Kangz, Milk Dee, Bobbito Garcia, Nucomme, U-God, Grand Puba, Cymarshall Law, The Bash Bros., Senor Kaos, Aarophat, Thaahum, K Banger, Tash (Tha Alkaholiks), and producer Ty Fyffe. Though THE ZRO HOUR is primarily Hip Hop driven, we have done shows centered around the work of an individual artists and genres that influence Hip Hop.  It keeps the show fresh and diverse yet retaining its focus.  The website sees hits from an international audience and we play the work of musicians from around the world. Our future focus will be to expand our awareness in Asia and Japan. 

In 2011, THE ZRO HOUR partnered with new internet radio station BBOXRADIO.COM and can be heard every Wednesday 9-11pm.


EDAYE is the creator and production director of THE ZRO HOUR. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Edaye’s passion for Hip Hop began with the first known recorded songs, “King Tim III” by the Fatback Band and “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang. Through the years of discovery, Edaye participated in most forms of Hip Hop expression such as graffiti, dance, beatboxing, and rapping. His journey has led to his focus on audio engineering and music production. In 2002, shortly after graduating SAE Institute of Technology, Edaye became a part of the opening team at Platinum Sound Recording Studio. Edaye worked as an assistant engineer on Wyclef Jean’s “Preacher’s Son”, DJ Kay Slay’s “Streetsweeper Vol.1”, Tom Jones’ “Mr. Jones” and Jonathan Demme’s “The Agronomist”. In 2003, he left Platinum Sound to focus on creating THEZROHOUR.COM.

AMBUSH, assistant program director, producer, and founding member of SIX ZRO Entertainment, is the force behind the turntables on THE ZRO HOUR. Ambush has a knowledge of Hip Hop and R&B music that spans beyond his past 10 years as a DJ. Ambush’s love for Hip Hop began at age five when his mother bought him his first record player. Soon after, he attempted to scratch his first record, “Thriller” by Michael Jackson and “Roxanne, Roxanne” by U.T.F.O. His interest in Djing consumed him while growing up in Kingsboro projects. Through the 80’s, Ambush would always be the youngest kid sitting nearby as the DJ set up the equipment for the park jams. Ambush watched in amazement as local DJs Doo-Doo, Blitz, JuneJune, and Leroy held command over the crowd. During this time, Ambush’s love for the radio led him to sleep with one while trying to record DJ Red Alert’s late night mix shows. At the age of 12, he got his first set of semi-pro turntables and by 17, upgraded to Technics 1200s. DJ Ambush has performed at Brooklyn clubs such as Juliana’s, The Lab, 243’s, Club Azure, NYC’s Madison Square Garden, the Roxy, Demerrara’s and Willie’s Entertainer’s Sports Bar among others.

ALEXIE F.,co-host (2004-2009)- Music has always been a huge part of Alexie F's life. Raised in the Bronx, the birthplace of hiphop, Alexie was exposed to all types of music- heavy metal, pop, rock, soul, jazz, merenge, salsa. All of it embraced with sincere passion. At an early age his father put bongos in his hands, setting off a spark that became a flame. The bongos led to congas and song writing followed. In the early eighties, Alexie gained admission into one of the hottest house music clubs, the Paradise Garage. The experience changed his life. After that eye opener, Alexie F. bought every single he could find and not long after got his hands on a couple of drum machines. In the 90's, Alexie scored his first production credit with a group called AURA. Alexie wrote the local smash "Trust Me Boy". He later worked for Sparkle Management assisting such artists as Marc Anthony, George Lamond, T.K.A, Judy Torres, Two Without Hats and Sam Savon. Alexie also wrote for the Harlem Nities Press contributing a monthly poem for their "What's Going On" column. In 2004, Alexie began his 5 year run as co-host on the premiere episode of THEZROHOUR. Follow him on his blogsite AFROBOY
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