VIDEO: Ain't Too Many Emcees F*cking With Cymarshall Law

The incredible Cymarshall Law demolishes DJ Premier's "Take It Personal" beat @ THE KHYBER in Philadelphia, PA on 02.13.09

Bring Out the Sound System: The West Indian Influence on Hip Hop

We previously featured a special ZRO HOUR dedicated to this same subject and now there is a panel discussion this month on this very same topic. From the press release:

When discussing the origins of Hip Hop, most agree that it began in the Bronx. Many also agree that it is an African-American artform with many antecedents. It is a known fact that the trinity of Hip Hop DJ pioneers have roots in the West Indies including DJ Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, and Grandmaster Flash. Other early artists who made significant contributions to the music include Kool DJ Red Alert, KRS-One, Doug E. Fresh, among others. The sound systems brought out into the parks by Jamaican DJs and the tradition of toasting are among the influences to be debated and discussed.

Post World War II Bronx had a growing community of West Indian immigrants, particularly after the U.S. Immigration Act of 1965. Recreation rooms at 1520 Sedgwick where Kool Herc deejayed and Bronx River Houses where Afrika Bambaataa held court as well as many local parks and early venues like the Black Door, where Grandmaster Flash rocked, mark the cradle of Hip Hop.

"Bring Out the Sound System: The West Indian Influence on Hip Hop" presented by City Lore and The Point CDC, will take place on Saturday, February 28th, 2009 from 3 to 6 pm at The Point CDC, at 940 Garrison Avenue in the Bronx NY 10474

Dr. Natasha Lightfoot of the Bronx African-American Oral History Project, will lead a discussion featuring Hip Hop pioneers and legends including Kool DJ Herc, Kool DJ Red Alert, Ralph McDaniels (Video Music Box) and VP Records co-founder, Patricia Chin. VP Records (named after founders Patricia and Vincent) was founded 50 years ago as a record store in Kingston called Randy's Record Mart, and went on to record many of the DJ and Reggae legends in Jamaica.

The discussion will be followed by a presentation on Jamaican and Hip Hop sound systems from the 1970s by DJ Kool Herc and Brother Vincent. The evening concludes with a reception, where audience members can view: From Mambo to Hip Hop: The Exhibit, a photo exhibit which complements City Lore's award-winning documentary directed by Henry Chalfant, From Mambo to Hip Hop: A South Bronx Tale; dance to the music of DJ Just Ice; and purchase West Indian fare provided by Bascom Catering with delicious roti, jerk and curry chicken, and salt fish.





Producer Mr. Green Forms New Record Label, Set To Release Two Instrumental Albums March 17th

Critically acclaimed producer Mr. Green is back with two beats albums coming out on his own label: Green Music Group. The first is a re-mastered, rearranged version of his 2006 release: "Classic Beats Volume 1" This Is the CD that got Pacewon and Raw Poetix records attention and ultimately led to creation of "The Only Color That Matters Is Green". Below is the official album sampler-

The second, "Classic Beats Volume 2" is a brand new compilation of Mr. Green's state of the art instrumental hip hop. Starting as a simple beat maker, he’s grown into a full fledged musician, creating his own sounds and playing his own melodies. Half of the tracks on Classic Beats Volume 2 use samples, half are 100% original.. listen closely and see if you can tell which ones are which. Below is the official album sampler-

For more information contact Aaron Green: greenhiphop@gmail.com

VIDEO: Strong Arm Steady feat. Chace Infinite, Planet Asia & Affion Crockett - "Black History"

Original link found HERE.

Download the mixtape Clinton Sparks & Talib Kweli Present: Strong Arm Steady - Gang Mentality HERE

VIDEO: U-N-I- "K.R.E.A.M. (Kicks Rule Everything Around Me)" + Bonus Download

Keys 2 the City LA : K.R.E.A.M. Edition

I missed this track from U-N-I that appears to be almost 2 years old, but its crazy nonetheless. "K.R.E.A.M." takes the Wu-Tang classic and puts a "sneaker love" spin on it a la Raekwon's "Sneakers" track. I love the video and they lace the chopped up Wu-Tang sample with some sick lyrics. This was released on their "Fried Chicken and Watermelon" CD. They are preparing to drop a new CD entitled "A Love Supreme" and below there is a link to a joint from their Mick Boogie collab mixtape, "Before There Was Love"-

"Caste 'Em Out"- U-N-I

NY Post Publishes Cartoon That Compares Stimulus Author To A Dead Chimpanzee

In today's edition of the NY Post, the above editorial cartoon appeared, illustrating a recent incident in which a rage filled chimpanzee had to be killed by police after mauling the owner's friend. The statement by one of the officers depicted in the cartoon seems to refer to President Barack Obama who spearheaded the U.S. economic stimulus bill. The NY Post has long been known as one of the right-wing, conservative voices in NYC, published by media tycoon Rupert Murdoch. As a long time reader of the Post (you always need to see what the other side thinks), its not the first time that they have displayed poor judgement, distaste and seemingly racist slant to some of their articles. As of today, I am boycotting the NY Post until something is done other than issue an apology, which they have not. As reported on MSNBC this morning, a spokesperson from the Post defends the cartoon by referring to "those" in Washington who structured this bill, not to President Obama. From the above caption, the officer seems to speak about "someone" not "others" referring to more than one being resposible. The HUFFINGTONPOST published a statement by the Reverend Al Sharpton:

"The cartoon in today's New York Post is troubling at best given the historic racist attacks of African-Americans as being synonymous with monkeys. One has to question whether the cartoonist is making a less than casual reference to this when in the cartoon they have police saying after shooting a chimpanzee that "Now they will have to find someone else to write the stimulus bill."

"Being that the stimulus bill has been the first legislative victory of President Barack Obama (the first African American president) and has become synonymous with him it is not a reach to wonder are they inferring that a monkey wrote the last bill?"


VIDEO: BLACKSTAR Surprise Performance At House Of Blues During Grammy Weekend

Thanks to Tunji for the heads up!

VIDEO: ASHER ROTH- "I Love College" RMX Featuring Chesney Snow On The Beatbox

LOUD.COM sponsored a remix competition for emcee Asher Roth's song "I Love College". Producer J. Cardim won the contest with his mixture of boom bap and vocal dynamics by human beatboxer Chesney Snow.


In 2008 Danger Zone, the emcee/producer combination of Bru Lei & Amos Famous, dropped the album "Dangerous Styles." The Columbus, Ohio duo, now relocated to Sacramento, California, follows up their debut with "We Heart Cali": a six song downloadable ep. Showcasing their continually evolving style, this ep foregoes the guest shots and fancy packaging and gets back to basics.

DANGER ZONE- "We Heart Cali"


1. Sure Did
2. My Name Is Bru Lei
3. The L Word
4. The Other Generation
5. Rep The Midwest
6. Goodbye Love

All vocals by Bru Lei
All songs produced by Amos Famous



Connect with Senor Kaos HERE

VIDEO: Trailer For New JOE BUDDEN Single "In My Sleep" + Bonus Download

February 24th will see the release of Joe Budden's new CD PADDED ROOM on Amalgam Digital. Above is the trailer for the video of the first single "In My Sleep" directed by Rik Cordero. Amalgam Digital sent over the single also. Check it here-

IN MY SLEEP- Joe Budden

EXCLUSIVE: Amalgam Digital just sent this new Joe Budden freestyle over 50 Cent's "I Get It In"-

I GET IT IN (Freestyle)- Joe Budden


VIDEO: CLASSIC Roundtable Interview w/DMX, Canibus, Mos Def, John Forte, Big Pun & Mic Geronimo

I have seen this picture many times but I have always wondered when it was taken and what was the purpose of these emcees for being at the same table. I always assumed it was a tour photo from the early days in the careers of Mos Def, Big Pun, DMX, John Forte and Canibus. Thanks to the blog at LOUD.COM we can watch the video of this incredible gathering. The meeting was set up and filmed for a street DVD release named "Shades Of Hip Hop". Writer, and now television host, Toure conducts the interview with these greats of hip hop. They all discuss their motivation, the creative process and industry politics as usual. The video is presented in seven parts with the first three posted below.




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