Sneak Peek Of 2008 K BANGER DVD

One of our favorite featured artists on THE ZRO HOUR, K BANGER is about to drop a DVD in 2008. The DVD will trace his journey through Hip Hop and reveal why he is among the strongest breed of new talent.


Wyclef Believes Lauryn Hill is Bi-Polar

Whoa! Clef has some strong words to say about his former Fugee bandmate. In the interview, Wyclef promotes his upcoming CARNIVAL II: MEMOIRS OF AN IMMIGRANT and speaks on his feelings of his last two projects not being as successful as his earlier releases. Great interview and then it shifts into the expected questions of a Fugee reunion and Wyclef makes a declaration that Lauryn is bi-polar-

AllHipHop.com: When did you last speak to Lauryn?

Wyclef: I stopped reaching out to Lauryn because it got very confusing, you know? I would never know who and what personality I would get on that particular day.

AllHipHop.com: Different personalities?

Wyclef: Yeah. I think Lauryn is Bi-Polar.

He goes on to say that he can be quoted on it. The sometimes strange, eccentric behavior of our beloved LAURYN HILL has been widely reported over the years. In the words of Arsenio, "Hmmm..."

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Check this interview from August of this year. The interview runs nearly 15 minutes long. Its very cool and she doesn't spazz out or anything. She speaks very candidly and seems comfortable with the host. It appears it is from a music network in the Netherlands-


MUSIC TECH: Reminiscing on the SP-1200

Last week, The Village Voice published an article focusing on the history and importance of EMU systems' SP1200 sampling drum machine in shaping the sound of Hip Hop music. There is roundtable discussion with producers Hank Shocklee, Lord Finesse, Ski, and Pete Rock speaking on their love and discovery of this seminal drum machine. The rough , aggressive textures and limited sample time of the SP1200 made producers of that era create techniques and work-arounds that later became the trademark sound of gritty boom bap. Thanks to MUSIC THING for the link. Check the article HERE

Check these youtube videos for instruction and demos of producers using this legendary machines-

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