If you are in Brooklyn tomorrow night, check out our peeps Zeps, Point Dot Period and Bekay at the Galapagos Art Space. They will be performing along with Wee Bee Foolish, Poo Face & Rutherford, Tha Freak Show and Lex & Tae One of N.Y.R.E. and others. Don't miss that true hip hop!

VIDEO: Buckshot & 9th Wonder feat. Talib Kweli- HOLD IT DOWN

VIDEO: Invincible's Album Release Party @ Southpaw

Earlier in the month, I rolled thru INVINCIBLE's album release party for her project titled "ShapeShifters". It was hosted by Eternia and Queen Herawin. The ladies ran the house that night and it was a great show all around. The Anomolies (Invincible's original crew) represented thoroughly and we were treated to all elements of hip hop featuring the female side of the equation. Props to all..

ANOMOLIES @ Invincible's Album Release Party

ETERNIA w/CHESNEY SNOW & QUEEN HERAWIN @ Invincible's Album Release Party



MUSIC TECH: Nintendo DS Scratching Video Game

The culture of handheld gaming is at an all time high and many have designed and created "homebrew" games across multiple platforms. "Homebrew" games are created by fans and independents who use developer kits and other software hacks. The video above demonstrates one of the illest applications available- Protein DScratch. With this game, you can manipulate waveforms and create stutter (note repeat) effects and virtual scratching using just your fingers and the control buttons. Thanks to TUAW for the heads up to the original article posted on createdigitalmusic.com. Check out the developer's site HERE
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