pictured above L to R: ALEXIE F., ETERNIA & EDAYE

THE ZRO HOUR returns with a great show featuring one of Toronto, Canada's finest emcees- ETERNIA. We profiled Eternia in a recent post, SECRET WEAPON, in early March. This weekend she is hosting the Trinity College Hip Hop Music Festival in Hartford, Connecticut. Eternia was very laid back and gave us some insight into her career and her passion for the music. Here is a preview of the interview-

The show is laced with new music from AKROBATIK, TALIB KWELI, CL SMOOTH feat. SKYZOO, THE SMILE RAYS, AAROPHAT, VAST AIRE & VORDUL MEGA (Cannibal OX) and KRS ONE. We take it back to hip hop's golden era with music by YZ and HEATHER B feat. M.O.P. Speaking of KRS One, during our interview Eternia speaks on a recent concert that she was scheduled to perform at in her hometown. She was opening for KRS and things did not quite go as planned. Check the show for more on this and Eternia's DOOR KNOCKERS blog post about the situation, "The Demystification of our Heroes". Enjoy the show..





MY KINDA NI@@A- Heather B feat. M.O.P.
PUT YA STAMP ON IT- Akrobatik feat. Talib Kweli
PERFECT TIMING- CL Smooth feat. Skyzoo
CHICKEN- The Smile Rays
MANY MANY- Eternia
THE MEGA- Eternia
HOSTILE GOSPEL (RMX)- Talib Kweli feat Joell Ortiz, Blu & Nina Sky
U C. US- Aarophat
MECCA AND THE OX- Vast Aire feat Vordul Mega (produced by Pete Rock)

Update on Sean Levert's Death- Family Wants FBI to Investigate

From the AP:

The family of R&B singer Sean Levert wants the FBI to look into his death after a jail medical emergency. His cousin, Michael Gibson, said Levert never had any outburst such as the type described by Kevin McDonough, warden at the Cuyahoga County jail.

The 39-year-old Levert died Sunday night at a hospital after he was taken from the county jail where he was serving a one year and 10 months sentence for failure to pay $89,025 in child support.

McDonough said Levert was pounding on his cell door so guards strapped him in a restraint chair; Levert's breathing became shallow and he was taken to Lutheran Hospital, where he died less than an hour later.

An autopsy did not determine the cause of death. Toxicology tests are expected to take weeks.

FBI spokesman Scott Wilson says agents would meet with Levert's family.


My first article on The Zro Hour was about the great Teddy Riley. I decided that from time to time I will feature an artist or group who has not only impacted me but the music world. This time I'm going to speak about Levert. I can remember being at one of many of my aunt's house parties hearing "Pop Pop Pop Goes My Mind" and that being the first time I heard anything about Levert. She had the 12" single record and played it over and over again. The more I heard it, the more I wanted to hear it. Next thing you know, Levert had everyone bopping to "Casanova". We all knew then that Levert was going to be one of those groups that would become a household name.

I'm not going to go through the history of Levert because most of you all know it. I'm going to take this time and celebrate an era of great music by an even greater group. What I appreciated (and still do) about what Gerald, Sean, and Marc did in the late 80's and early 90's is how they were able to create music that reached out to all age groups. The music was real, it was raw, and it was oh so soulful. They sang about real emotions and things that we go through everyday in our relationships. What made them stand out even more was the fact they themselves was real. They weren't polished or made to be something they weren't. Their style made them appear more approachable than others. They also proved that you didn't need to be a certain height, a certain size, or have a certain look about you in order to be sexy. They not only "sang" but danced and stole so many female hearts (and collected many panties & bras) it aint even funny. Everyone has their favorite in a group and in this case, Marc was mine (something about the mystery behind those shades) but I have to say that when I saw Gerald in concert, I was able to keep my cool until he sang "Baby I'm Ready". It took me back to when I first heard that song and other great songs he sang with his group. That is just one of many... many songs I love by Levert.

I recently received information that a new Levert album/cd was in the works for this year titled, "Dedication" and they added Dwight Thompson who was a member of a group Gerald helped put on the scene, Rude Boys. It is too early to say what will happen now, but I will stay tuned to see. With the passing of both Levert brothers, I want to extend my heart and prayers out to their family and friends. Levert music has touched me deeply and the only thing I can do is keep their music alive. My dedication and personal way of honoring them is to continue to play their music and sing it loud and proud. I ask that all of you do the same. Dust off those records, go through your cd collection, look through your iPods (I sho nuff got them in mine) and listen to your favorite songs by them. I also have another tribute to them that is a memory I hold near and dear(thank your lucky stars that you don't have to actually hear me do the reenactment).... Think back to the movie "New Jack City" and the scene when the CMB (Cash Money Brothers) started to take over the projects. TROOP started out singing "For The Love Of Money" and Levert finished the song in their own way while standing in the snow being warmed by a fire in a steel drum.
In closing, though both were taken away from us way too soon, I hope that there will be some peace in knowing that they are together in Heaven making glorious music together!




pictured from left to right, clockwise: ALEXIE F., J-HON, ETURNAL, EDAYE, ZEPS, MIKE SWIFT, MGEEZ & F-DUB

THE ZRO HOUR is back on that sh--! We return with a new show featuring the BKNY based collective POINT DOT PERIOD. We got familiar with Point Dot Period after seeing them perform at Southpaw in Brooklyn opening up for Bekay and recently at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. I connected with ETURNAL and asked if he could bring the crew through and he said, "You want the whole crew?". He later explained that Point Dot rolls more than 40 deep. I suggested he roll with some of the crew that we saw at Nuyorican and they lit the studio with tremendous energy. Eturnal rolled through with the inimitable Heez Hefner, J-HON, emcee/producer ZEPS, F-DUB, MGEEZ and underground veteran MIKE SWIFT! This multicultural collective grew up together before they started making music together and the unity shows. Of course we got that preview of the freestyle session...

I dropped classics by DAS EFX and HEATHER B and laced the show with new music form KRS ONE, IAMISEE, WILDCHILD, AKROBATIK, STYLES P., and TERMANOLOGY. Whatchu waiting for?? Download this now!





IF ONLY- Das Efx
BE PREPARED- Akrobatik feat. Little Brother
STAR OF THE STATE- Styles P. feat. Ghostface
CHAOS- Iamisee feat. DJ Demon
LIKE IT OR NOT- Eturnal feat. Dama Nilz
I GOT YOU- Krs One
THE MUSIC INDUSTRY (Rmx)- Termanology feat. Consequence, Akrobatik, Royce 5'9" and Crooked I
DAY N THE FUNK- Wildchild feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow


This week's spotlight artist is the dope Philly representative, emcee and producer- IAMISEE. IAM's commanding flow coupled with skillful, soul driven production puts the "Now School" on notice. Check my earlier review of his live show at NYC's Knitting Factory HERE. Hit him up and let him know what you think..

Remy Ma Convicted of Assault, Facing 25 Years

The NY TIMES has a good overview of the trial and conviction of former Terror Squad member and Bronx "femcee" Remy Ma. I heard the news several days ago but I put off posting about it. When the story came out about the shooting, I had hoped the incident derived from a "self defense" scenario. But when I heard that it occurred over an argument about $3,000 being missing from Remy Ma's purse, I immediately thought to myself, "For $3,000?" People catch bullets for much less, that is true but Remy rocks diamonds that cost way more than that. Factor in the close relationship to the victim (used to be a friend and babysitter for Remy's son) and I still scratched my head. If there was no gun accessible, Remy would have probably slapped her up or something. In Remy's defense, she said that the gun went off accidently during a struggle. The jury didn't buy it. She now faces the end of her recording career and may miss much of her son's childhood.

Was it worth it?

We have to keep our anger in check. $3,000 is a lot of money to the average person. For someone who rocks jewelry that represents a down payment on a house and rhymes about (and lives to a degree) the ballin' lifestyle, $3,000 is nothing, Money comes and goes. When someone violates or you suspect them of violating your property, they get handled accordingly. But many things are not worth a bullet. This period in our lives is so full of that "I'll shoot you" mentality. In the streets, you can't take any of this lightly. It seems like an overly simple solution. Too easy. No matter how cathartic the idea of shooting someone is, it carries the weight of destruction in the lives of the shooter also. Its rare that you can get away with that type of crime nowadays with the most accurate forensic science available to law enforcement. If only Remy used her head that night...

There is no joy in seeing another young, black woman or man being added to the ranks of the incarcerated. I just hope that this tragedy will help give pause to the next person and deter them from making a potentially regretful decision.


Baby Sham of FLIPMODE SQUAD returns with a crazy club joint. Don't sleep...

Another Levert Son Passes Away

From the AP:

"Sean Levert, a third of the 1980s R&B trio LeVert and son of lead O'Jays singer Eddie Levert, has died after falling ill while serving a jail term. He was 39. Authorities said Monday that an autopsy was inconclusive but foul play was ruled out.

Levert was sentenced last week to one year and 10 months in jail for failing to pay $89,025 in child support. He died at Lutheran Hospital in Cleveland late Sunday, less than an hour after he was taken there from the jail, said coroner Frank Miller.

Levert was sentenced by Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Nancy Margaret Russo, who said a presentence report indicated he had been addicted to marijuana from the time he was 14 until recently. He didn't speak at his sentencing and gave no indication of any health problems, the judge said Monday.

His brother Gerald Levert, who had success as a solo artist after leaving their trio died in 2006 at age 40 of an accidental mix of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

The brothers had formed LeVert in the 1980s with childhood friend Marc Gordon. Their hits included "Baby I'm Ready," "(Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop) Goes My Mind" and "Casanova."

"Casanova" was nominated for a Grammy in 1988 for best R&B performance by a duo or group with vocal. It was also nominated for best R&B song."

Sean and original Levert member, Marc Gordon, were preparing to release a new CD with Dwight Thompson (formerly of the 80's group RUDE BOYS) as the new member of Levert.

Our hearts go out to Eddie Levert and family. LEVERT, the group, will always remain as one of the most influential R&B groups from the 80's to early 90's. It is devastating to realize that these young men barely lived to see 40 years old. Death can come at anytime but we still question the universe when our talented youth are taken.
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