COLLECTIBLES: The Ghostface Killah Doll

I have been reading about this limited edition Ghostface Killah figure for almost a year and some final production photos have surfaced via TOYSREVIL. Produced by 4CAST, The Ghostface Killah Doll features Ghostface wearing a robe, wallabees, rocking a Yankees fitted and durag and real gold jewelry ("Versace" plate necklace and eagle arm cuff). You can press a button on the figure and it speaks several quotes from some of Ghost Dini's greatest and wittiest darts. The facial likeness looks close but it could be better. Either way its a move in the right direction with collectible vinyl and figures having grown into a huge niche industry. The price may be prohibitive though- $499(!) I may pass on this one but I am a bit of a collector myself and will always keep an eye out for products like this. Check my myspace blog for a review and pics of MEZCO Toyz' Notorious B.I.G. figure HERE.
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