VIDEO: CLASSIC Roundtable Interview w/DMX, Canibus, Mos Def, John Forte, Big Pun & Mic Geronimo

I have seen this picture many times but I have always wondered when it was taken and what was the purpose of these emcees for being at the same table. I always assumed it was a tour photo from the early days in the careers of Mos Def, Big Pun, DMX, John Forte and Canibus. Thanks to the blog at LOUD.COM we can watch the video of this incredible gathering. The meeting was set up and filmed for a street DVD release named "Shades Of Hip Hop". Writer, and now television host, Toure conducts the interview with these greats of hip hop. They all discuss their motivation, the creative process and industry politics as usual. The video is presented in seven parts with the first three posted below.




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