Producer Mr. Green Forms New Record Label, Set To Release Two Instrumental Albums March 17th

Critically acclaimed producer Mr. Green is back with two beats albums coming out on his own label: Green Music Group. The first is a re-mastered, rearranged version of his 2006 release: "Classic Beats Volume 1" This Is the CD that got Pacewon and Raw Poetix records attention and ultimately led to creation of "The Only Color That Matters Is Green". Below is the official album sampler-

The second, "Classic Beats Volume 2" is a brand new compilation of Mr. Green's state of the art instrumental hip hop. Starting as a simple beat maker, he’s grown into a full fledged musician, creating his own sounds and playing his own melodies. Half of the tracks on Classic Beats Volume 2 use samples, half are 100% original.. listen closely and see if you can tell which ones are which. Below is the official album sampler-

For more information contact Aaron Green: greenhiphop@gmail.com

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