MUSIC TECH: AKAI Blows It Out With New MPC 5000

AKAI's MPC drum machine/sequencer/sampler is known as one of the key instruments that have revolutionized music and Hip Hop production specifically. AKAI introduced the Midi Production Center with the ROGER LINN designed MPC 60. Through the years, improvements have been made to the kit and we have seen the MPC morph from the 60 to the 60II to the 3000, 2000, 4000, 1000, 2500 and the portable battery operated MPC 500. Now in 2008, AKAI has introduced the MPC 5000. It feels like it is in direct response to ROLAND's MV-8800 sampling workstation. The MV-8800 was seen as a potential MPC killer due to its inclusion of a built in analogue synth and flexible sequencing capabilities. Well AKAI has answered the call and has introduced a slew of new features including a built in synthesizer, arpeggiator and larger screen. Below is a great video outlining all the new features and capabilities of this new beast-

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