MUSIC TECH: Roger Linn, Designer of Original MPC is back with the LINN DRUM II

As mentioned in the post below, ROGER LINN is the original designer and co-creator of the AKAI MPC drum machine sampler. He was also responsible for one of the best electronic drum machines ever, the LINN DRUM (LINN 9000). His Linn Drum was used throughout the 80's on many high profile projects and classic albums. The Linn Drum was the preferred drum machine for Prince during his early albums and many continue to speak of the device with reverence. Roger Linn stepped back into the electronic percussion arena with his last couple of projects with synth designer DAVE SMITH. They created the ADRENALINN and followed with the ADRENALINN II & III. These were not drum machines in the common sense of the word. They are essentially guitar effects boxes that utilized beat synced multi EFX and amp models. His return to drum machine design will see the introduction of the LINN DRUM II later this year. The LINN DRUM II will feature stock sounds, the ability to sample and import samples, 16 pads, USB and compact flash for storage. The LINN DRUM II Analog will have all the features of the fully digital LINN DRUM II along with a four voice synth engine and 27 dual functioning knobs.

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