Last Wednesday March 21, 2012, THEZROHOUR celebrated its 8th year as a podcast/radio show. This broadcast was also the last. This show is a collection of some of the best interviews/freestyles that have graced the show and DJ Ambush lit the decks on fire in the second half! Founded by myself, DJ Ambush and Alexie F. back in 2004, THEZROHOUR was created to fill a need for the incredible amount of independent/underground hip hop artists that were emerging at the time. Mainstream radio almost completely ignored (and still does) the local hip hop community in almost every area of the United States. There were new waves of artists coming out abroad that fans were not familiar with, that needed to be familiar with. Over the years, THEZROHOUR has reignited that focus and dropped some amazing music & interviews along the way. Thank you to BBOXRADIO for allowing us to broadcast live for the first time in the show's history. Thanks to everyone for tuning in and supporting the show. All of the archived shows will remain available at thezrohour.com (complete archive), thezrohour.podomatic.com and itunes. There is a lot that people missed/overlooked and the music chosen for these broadcasts is timeless. We will meet again BELIEVE THAT!

Respect The Architects


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