WYCLEF JEAN to run for President of Haiti


Sources close to Wyclef confirmed with AllHipHop.com that the rapper will announce his bid for the country’s highest office next Thursday, on August 5th.

The 37-year-old was born in Haiti, but immigrated to the United States at the age of 9-years-old, when he landed in Brooklyn, before settling in South Orange, New Jersey.
As a member of The Fugees and as a solo artist, Wyclef has sold millions of records, in addition to collaborating with artists like Paul Simon, Gloria Estefen, Destiny’s Child, Carlos Santana and others.

The rapper sprung into action on January 12th, when his native land was leveled by a 7.0 earthquake that left 300,000 people dead over a million others displaced. Even prior to the earthquake, Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti organization raised funds for the country, but after the deadly earthquake, the rapper helped raise over $10 million dollars in less than three months.

The rapper will make his official announcement just two days prior to the country’s August 7th deadline to submit his plan for running for President. Analysts are predicting that Wyclef Jean will easily win the race with his financial connections, influence among the Haitian youth and his political influence around the world. The news of his candidacy has stoked fears in opponents planning to run for the head office in November.

"I think if Wyclef is allowed to run he will have a straight victory," political leader and former presidential candidate Himmler Rebu told Reuters yesterday. Jean, who maintained his status as a citizen of Haiti, was in the country yesterday, where he was preparing for his upcoming campaign. The rapper/musician also has political clout in the country. His uncle, Raymond Alcide Joseph, has been the Haitian ambassador to the United States since 2005 and helped Wyclef’s drive to raise money and relief aid for victims of the massive earthquake.

Elections are slated for November 28th.

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