MUSIC TECH posts have long served the purpose of introducing the beatmaking community to software and hardware tools of the trade. Starting today, there will be a MUSIC TECH post daily delivering the news, reviews and info on the best DAWs, software instruments, plug-ins, sound libraries and midi technology available.

The expanded MUSIC TECH posts will be provided by the man pictured above, Saint Joe aka JK, creator/writer of SOUNDSANDGEAR.COM. Saint Joe has a ton of reviews on video and is very thorough with his presentation of the next wave of music technology. I will be reposting articles originally found on SOUNDSANDGEAR.COM. Meet Saint Joe:

"My name is Joe, some call me JK, many know me as saintjoe.

I love all things about music, from real instruments to electronic gadgets.

I’ve been producing music for myself as well as other gospel hip hop, urban, and contemprary artists since 2001 but have been playing with and in love with music for waaaaaay longer.

I’m pretty sure we’d have some things in common, no matter if you’re a producer, beatmaker, sountrack composer, video game music creator, sound designer, or vintage gear collector. It’s all good baby!

This is simply a place for me to share my love, fascination, and outright lust for music gear, news, tips, reviews, and whatever else I feel like sharing.

I’ll try to give you hands on reviews of different equipment , software, and sounds, and make sure you know about the best stuff out.

Join me…"

No doubt! Stay tuned to THEZROHOUR.COM for some vital info that will help you step up your production game.

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thanks for the love yo! keep pushin!

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