MUSIC TECH: Clone your Hardware and Software Instruments with SAMPLE ROBOT

You read that right. Clone your hardware and software instruments. If you have access to an old synth laying around, or you want to borrow your peep's Roland Fantom, you can clone the entire library of sounds and playing dynamics within the patches. Open Labs' Neko and Miko synth/computer workstations have had this feature available for some time. Sample Robot allows you to perform the same functionality with your PC. Take it away Saint Joe:

What is SampleRobot?

It’s basically your personal software, hardware, acoustic instrument cloning, recycling, re-mangling, ninja sound design system.

It will automate the process of cloning ANY instrument that can receive midi, and will even help automate sampling and instrument creation of acoustic instruments.

It can export them in various popular formats like Reason’s nnxt, or Cakewalk Dimension format, Wusik format, or Emulator X, Kontakt, EXS, you get the idea.

It’s a simple way to automate the creation of your own custom virtual sound library made up of any instrument you have laying around, or your friend has laying around, or your friend’s cousin’s uncle Steve has tucked away in his Ghostbuster van!

You get the idea!

So is it easy to use and does it give good results?

I don’t wanna sound like the infomercial dude but it’s really “set it and forget it” lol. It’s VERY deep, you can do multi layers, automatic sound looping and crossfades for perfectly playable instruments.

You can send all the attack parameters, midi cc, program changes, or anything else you need to make sure you capture every subtle characteristic of your favorite sound.

In my tests, the auto-loop and crossfade was spot on! Very seamless and I couldn’t even tell where it looped. It can record up to 192kHz at 24 bit dependent on your interface. Has a very nice built in wave editor, and a ton of presets for common projects like sampling bass, piano, synth, rhythms, pads, etc. This will give you various options, and tell you how much space it’s going to take!

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