The Smile Rays' Producer BATSAUCE Drops "SPY vs SPY"

Super producer BATSAUCE, from The Smile Rays, releases a new 24 track instrumental project "SPY vs. SPY". Batsauce is no joke with the beats and if you looking for some of the most gritty and creative, sample heavy boom-bap-download this now!

Download "Spy Vs. Spy" exclusively at WYDU


1. Cathedral
2. Priveledged Information
3. Danger Zones
4. Assassin
5. Surveillance
6. Code Breaker
7. Antagony
8. Hot Pursuit
9. Over-Ground
10. I Spy
11. Some Secret
12. Go Beyond
13. Far Away
14. Undercover Blues
15. Medically Unfit
16. The Picture
17. Lab Rats
18. Los Alamos
19. In The Cold
20. Code of Conduct
21. Surprise Attack
22. Rio
23. Interception
24. Spy Triptych

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