Happy Holidays From THE ZRO HOUR! Stay Tuned for 2009

"Jingle, Jangle"..You know I had to take it back to the classic BEAT STREET and the unforgettable scene of THE TREACHEROUS THREE performing "Santa's Rap" featuring the show stopping DOUG E. FRESH. How many pioneers can you spot in the scene? Big up Kool Herc!

Blessings to all and best wishes in this holiday season! Thank you for supporting and discovering us through this year, previous years and to the new visitors arriving daily. We have a gift coming VERY soon. You know how this economy is. Gotta do the after Christmas shuffle. But life is good..we have seen some amazing things this year. Obama is President and we are still in muted disbelief. Not in a bad way, but more like in awe. Below is a great illustration of Santa giving Barack Obama the "fist-bump" by Robt Seda-Schreiber (originally posted on ARTOFOBAMA.COM). Even Santa recognizes the real.

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Happy Holidays to my Zro Hour Family!

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