VIDEO: Jemini The Gifted One & EDAYE Speaking On The Industry

Big thanks to Beth The Superfan for spotting these on youtube-

I have a huge video post coming soon featuring some of the performers from the Video Music Box 25th Anniversary concert that was held in NYC's Central Park on July 18th. You can get a preview at our channel THEZROHOUR. After the concert, as we were walking through the park giving out flyers, I recognized the emcee Jemini The Gifted One. For those who don't know, Jemini was lacing tracks thoroughly in the mid-late nineties and was produced exclusively by DangerMouse on a couple of album projects. We traded info and I will be bringing him in the studio for an interview soon. While we kicked it about the state of hip hop, we were being filmed by a cool sista who upped the video recently and I thought that I would share. She captured a great moment between two heads with their lives thoroughly invested in the world of hip hop. Thanks to teerockjelli for upping these!

True Hip Hop Talk

Raw Materials-The Zro Hour

Here is a classic (that right I said "Classic", Jemini!) video from Jemini The Gifted One- FUNK SOUL SENSATION

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Unknown said...

Hey Eday! This Teerockjelli, and I must say Central Park after dark provided a very beautiful setting for Hip Hop that day. I had to sieze opportunity!!

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Stay In Touch Eday!!!

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