"Don't let the skirt fool you..I still do kill it.."- Eternia

THE ZRO HOUR continues our commitment towards bringing you the best of the unknown, little known, underrated, and slept on artists in Hip Hop. Today we set it off with a new feature titled SECRET WEAPON. The artists we feature under the title of Secret Weapon are, in our opinion, potential giants in the field. To inaugurate this new feature, I present to you ETERNIA, one of Toronto, Canada's best kept secrets.

The first time that I witnessed the stage bashing Eternia was during last year's "Golden" tribute event for Pharoahe Monch. When I stepped in the spot, I saw this chick onstage running thru some head noddin' boom bap (I later found out this song was called THE MEGA) and I was like "who the F**K!?". When I contacted Eternia on the email, she said that this was a common reaction to her show. Eternia rocked the stage in heels and maintained her balance like the shoes had Nike air technology. She was thoroughly committed to the beat with a dominant, almost husky flow. I was too stunned to take video of the moment and just wanted to hear the lyrics. She was off stage after one more track and it left me saying that I had to remember the name and connect on myspace later. Needless to say, I forgot to follow up and months later I found her again while networking on myspace. Hearing her music brought back the same feeling that I must reach out and get more info on this underrated artist.

Eternia - Evidence

Eternia is a 2006 Juno Award (think Grammys but in Canada) nominee. She has been performing and recording for over 10 years. Eternia has toured extensively in Canada, Australia, Europe and the U.S. She has six videos in rotation internationally and her discography is filled with several singles thru the early 2000s. In 2005, Eternia released two full length projects, "WHERE I'VE BEEN- THE COLLECTION" and "ITS CALLED LIFE" on URBNET RECORDS. ITS CALLED LIFE featured appearances including Wordsworth, Kenn Starr, DJ Dopey, Helixx C. (Anomalies), Freestyle (The Arsonists), Cesar Comanche (Justus League) and Jessica Kaya. Production duties were handled by Tone Mason, Rude, Collizhun, Mercilless, Bounce and Simahlak.

Eternia - Struggle (f/ Wordsworth & Kenn Starr)

Flash forward to 2007 and her current release "WHERE I'M AT- THE SETUP" sees Eternia bonding creatively with 9th Wonder, M-Phazes, Frequency, Torae, Ms. Davis, The Polyrhythmaddicts (Shabaam Sahdeeq, Mr. Complex, Tiye Phoenix), Wordsworth and many more. Last month, Eternia joined Rochester aka Juice & former Much Music VJ Hannah Sung on the road to Educate Youth about HIV & AIDS. The 411 Initiative For Change (411), is launching their new HIV/AIDS education programming for Canadian high schools in the format of a mock live-to-air TV Talk Show. This highly effective and candid program toured throughout Feb '08, reaching high school students in Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto & Montreal with an additional tour phase slated for later this spring. For more info, email connect@whatsthe411.ca or log on to www.Whatsthe411.ca. This Saturday, March 8th, Eternia is proud to appear alongside the legendary KRS-One at the Opera House in Toronto, Canada. Scheduled to share the stage with Mindbender, 9th Uno, & Alex Dimes, Eternia is excited to return to her hometown of Toronto for an exclusive on-stage appearance for Canadian Music Week.

European Tour Footage November 2007

If you hear Eternia is in your area, don't miss an opportunity to check her live show. Hit her up on myspace to let her know what's good and stay tuned to THE ZRO HOUR as we are working on getting Eternia on the podcast show.


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