Where Has The Romance Gone? PART III

Drea is on a roll! Read on as she continues her topic on the absence of real romance in R&B music..

I want to take this time to personally thank everyone who has sent me messages and posted comments about the articles I've written here. Just to clear the air up a bit, I am not nor do I claim to be a music expert. I am just a consumer who has a passion for great music of just about all types. Now with that being said, I've been asked to speak about one artist who I purposely left out of my crooners article. So ladies, here you go..

Usher Raymond was introduced to me (not personally of course) in 1994. "Can You Get With It" was the video and I remember that Devante (Jodeci) was driving a car with Usher riding on the hood wearing a Lakers Jersey. He proved himself to be one who demanded your attention and would not stop until he did. He managed to venture out into different avenues. He has done acting (television, movies, and Broadway) and has his own fragrance which shows that he is not limiting himself to just one particular thing. He's not afraid to challenge himself, and with the success of "Confessions" that showed me he knows how to market himself well. Now with that said, I don't consider him a crooner. Yes he has proven himself to be an excellent singer but in my opinion, Usher is more of an entertainer. He is more known for is his dancing than anything else. If you were to go to see Brian McKnight in concert, you expect to see him play his musical instruments and hear him sing. Nothing else. Usher on the other hand, you expect to hear him sing but you anticipate him to show off his dancing skills and with any luck, he will take off his shirt so you watch his chest glisten. With a true crooner, the only thing that sells you is your voice. Most of Usher's music is made for you to jam to. Yes he has his ballads to show his more sensitive side but for the most part, you are getting your workout on listening to him.


**Check parts ONE and TWO for earlier posts**


Anonymous said...

awww drea! you *Know* you were jamming to one of his earlier songs "Nice and Slow" if thats what it is. lol i dont know i only know is that i had my hand up with my eyes closed like you when u hear a johnny gill song :o0o0o0o sing it Johnny! " hahaha heeeey lol~dangerouskleo

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kleo for taking time out to support us here at The Zro Hour. You are a true friend. And yes you know all too well about my love for Mr Johnny Gill.....

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