This weeks' spotlight artist is a group that is not quite new to THE ZRO HOUR. HEAVENLY NOISE is actually a group within a group. Singer da*sey and producer BATSAUCE are the founding members of THE SMILE RAYS. The Smile Rays, hailing from Jacksonville, Florida are one of 2007's Rawkus 50. Together with MC THERAPY, Batsauce and da*sey collide over neck snapping breakbeats, high energy and classic soul. Heavenly Noise features da*sey as the featured vocalist on Batsauce's crisp, underrated production. The vibe reminds me of a blend of Erykah Badu and Portishead. Hit em up and let them know what you think!


Anonymous said...

That's what's UP!!!
Thanks for the love ZRO Hour!
peace, Lady Daisey

EDAYE said...

You are welcome! Stay Tuned..

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