Where Has The Romance Gone? PART II

Hello Beautiful People! It's me, Drea here once again with something to say. As you all know, I last wrote about the lack of romance that was in today's music and I wondered what happened to it. Well due to the fact I had a little extra time on my hands, I took it upon myself to find out what information I could for myself. Guess what? Looks like the music I've come to love has moved to the U.K. That's right, The United Kingdom. Apparently we here in The United States are always looking for something new and exciting instead of appreciating what we already have. Over there though, the audience have a constant craving for what's good and show unconditional love and respect to the artist on a daily basis. Don't get me wrong now. I'm always looking to hear new music. I have great music that most people don't take the time to pay attention to because the artist is not mainstream or may not be the most attractive. When I spend my money, I want to spend it on someone I can appreciate on a musical level. I have to confess that I love the eye candy too and yes, at times it takes me a minute to get past that before actually seeing if they are talented enough for me to spend my money. For example, when Ginuwine first came on the scene he would only sound good (in my opinion) when I would watch his videos. If I heard one of his songs on the radio, I would turn to the next station. It wasn't until he released "Same Ol G" that I realized he was more than a pretty face with a sexy body. When Tank came out with "Maybe I Deserve", all I heard was "Maybe I deserve for you," and the rest was gibberish. I didn't know what he thought he deserved but I knew what I deserved and it was watching him on the big screen. I later found out that the song was explaining how he deserved for his woman to cheat on him like he did to her. I ended up supporting him because he actually has some decent music (but not enough pictures). On the flip side, one evening (back in 1991) I was listening to the radio during the "Kissing After Dark" hours and heard Omar Chandler (he was featured on Rob Base's "Joy & Pain") promoting his debut self titled album at the time. That brother has some serious pipes and incredible music. I ran to purchase that CD. Kem is another brother with serious talent. I heard his music during the "Quiet Storm" on New York's WBLS. I made it my point to support him too.

So yes most of the romantic music making crooners can be found performing in the U.K. Some are trying to make a comeback here though. I found out that U.N.V. ("Something's Going On") is making an effort to bring the romance back with an all ballad CD called "Timeless". I heard some samples and can't wait for it to be officially released. H-Town ("Knocking Da Boots") also have a new CD coming out soon. They have chosen not to bring in a new lead singer (R.I.P. Dino Connors) which I can respect. And ladies, time has been their friend! INTRO ("Let Me Be") also will be making a comeback this year. They will be introducing a new member (R.I.P. Kenny Greene) in the group but no further information is available at this time. There are some groups who are going to local clubs and performing from time to time but the majority are holding on the their fame overseas because they are no longer receiving the love from us in The U.S. I could go on and on with other information that I have received (thank goodness for the internet) but this post is long enough and quite frankly, my fingers are getting tired. So I shall close with this last thought. I feel that the young artist of today should take the time to learn to be an individual and allow their true talents to shine through instead of going with what may have worked for someone else. It's ok to be inspired by others but that doesn't mean you have to be a clone. Jodeci was Jodeci. Boyz II Men was Boyz II Men. There was only one and always will be only one Luther Vandross. Only one Alexander Oneal, Freddy Jackson, Surface (R.I.P. David Townsend), Jeffrey Osborne, Lervert (R.I.P. Gerald Lervert), Portrait, Howard Hewett, Mint Condition, Tony, Toni, Tone, Force MD's (R.I.P. TC D., Mercury D, & DJ Dr. Rock), Ready For The World, Prince, Michael Jackson, Christopher Williams, Guy, DeBarge, Billy Ocean, Full Force, Case, Keith Sweat, and I'll end this list with my New Edition crew. These along with so many other artists are long over due for the proper respect they deserve.



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