Beginning today, THE ZRO HOUR launches a new feature to the website. Every week we will be featuring a new artist that we have either featured in our playlists or are on the verge of the next breakthrough. Links will be provided so that you can hit the artist directly and tell them what you feel about their music. CYMARSHALL LAW is the first artist in the spotlight. Cymarshall Law was one of 2007's RAWKUS 50 and is an emcee/lyricist of the highest caliber. His album HIP HOP IN THE FLESH, is filled with personal and creative topics. His flow and tone of voice is very unique and projects clarity. The boom bap behind the voice is bass heavy and keeps your neck in perpetual motion. If you would like to submit a link to your musicplayer for consideration or give us the heads up on someone we may be sleepin' on, hit us up at musicplayer@thezrohour.com

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