Where Has The Romance Gone?

It has occurred to me that all of the crooners have disappeared. For all of you young folks who may not know what a crooner is, a "Crooner" is a male singer who sings true love songs. Songs about being in love, making love, and the pain that comes out of being in love. Songs to have the ladies swoon (hands in the air, eyes closed, and often shaking her head back and forth, or screaming to the point of passing out) and tossing their undergarments in concerts. I personally haven't gone that far because underwear cost too much. Ok.... I have been known to throw them at my television and radio but I gather them up after the song or performance. Anyway.... I'm speaking about guys/groups like Keith Washington, Howard Hewett, Brian McKnight, Jesse Powell, Today/Big Bub, Christopher Williams, Freddy Jackson, Alexander Oneal, New Edition/Johnny Gill, TROOP, Keith Sweat, Silk, Glenn Jones, UNV, Donell Jones, and Joe (just to name a few). Those guys sing what I like to refer to as "Grown & Sexy" music. It's not all about being in the bedroom and under the sheets. They sang songs that reached beyond that. You could play most of their music in front of your parents and grandparents without trying to explain anything or being embarrassed. Sure there's Tank (man oh man is he hot) but most of his music is about getting caught cheating and sex (don't worry baby.... I aint mad at ya). R.Kelly has some great love songs in his collection of music but most of what he is known for is sex (and I aint mad at you either). Babyface was known for having the ladies swoon in the 90's but now lately most of his music (in my opinion) is what I refer to as "Razor Blade" music. Just depressing and so sad. Boyz II Men and Silk has tried to bring back the "Grown & Sexy" by remaking some of the true love songs from the past and introducing it to the audience of today. It's almost refreshing to me. Sure I like to hear the freaky stuff but I want to hear some of the sappy stuff too. Bring back the romance because it sure is missed!



Anonymous said...

peace to the zro hour. i like this piece a lot. you went way back with some of the people. some of them i haven't heard of but i like the idea of bringing romance back into music.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

yeah man and i looove keith sweat he can make me sweat ANYTIME! lol why yes, yes i am! lol love u drea!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kamillionare for stopping by and showing The Zro Hour some love. Also thank you for sharing your comment. Love ya right back, kiddo!

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