MC LYTE Forms New Group ALMOST SEPTEMBER + Behind The Scenes Video

2008 sees the return of MC LYTE in a new group called ALMOST SEPTEMBER. With a debut album due the first quarter of 2008, the trio includes producer/ writer/ vocalist Whitey and producer/ writer Jared Lee. There is a single, "Beautiful" leaked on their Myspace page and below is a behind the scenes video. More info to follow soon...


Thank you to Jared for dropping the bio off in my email so that I can hit you with a little more info about the group:

Arriving to quench the thirst of the true lovers of Hip-Hop is the new inviting trio pronounced ALMOST SEPTEMBER. Composed of veteran lyricist MC Lyte, producer/writer/vocalist Whitey and producer/writer Jared Lee, ALMOST SEPTEMBER is a fresh, new offering for music lovers across the globe. The name itself is a foretelling of what the trio can do. September is the ninth month and is nestled in the astrological sign of Virgo. Virgo is in constant search of perfection and although, the three of them know that no one and no thing is perfect; they are determined to come as close as they possibly can every time they step up to the mic. Their first single, "Beautiful", is a shining example.

With 10 albums, two Grammy's and a laundry list of other accomplishments to her credit MC Lyte is still making history. This time she decided to bring along two others to help revolutionize the industry she broke boundaries in. Whitey and Jared Lee may not be household names but their talent has touched millions. They have written and produced for the likes of Macy Gray, India.Arie, Tyrese, Usher, Floetry, Toni Braxton, JoJo, Nichole Scherzinger, Paula Deanda, Jon B, Steph Jones, Chingy and many more. Whitey has also won the coveted Grammy and Jared Lee has received several Grammy nominations. Both men love what they do and paint musical pictures within every song.

ALMOST SEPTEMBER united while working on an album for Macy Gray. Lyte describes their meeting as destiny. One night when Macy was unable to attend a scheduled session, Lyte heard a song Whitey and Jared were working on immediately began penning some lyrics. By the end of the night they had literally made beautiful music with the emergence of their first single “Beautiful.” The chemistry between them was so undeniable that they decided to keep it going and ALMOST SEPTEMBER was born. ALMOST SEPTEMBER is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on their self-titled album, which is scheduled to drop during the first quarter of 2008. Together MC Lyte, Whitey and Jared Lee will make history and leave behind a legacy for all the true music lovers to appreciate and follow. ALMOST SEPTEMBER is the newest addition to the Family Tree roster that includes Outkast, Nas, Kelis and more lead by Blue Williams.

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