THE ARCHIVE-07.13.05

THE ZRO HOUR is on hiatus for the rest of the summer due to traveling and taking an all around break. In the last few weeks we have lost another great legend of music- LUTHER VANDROSS. His death was met with a joyous celebration of his music represented by some of his greatest peers- CISSY HOUSTON, ARETHA FRANKLIN, STEVIE WONDER and DIONNE WARWICK among others. His incredible voice will never be duplicated but will influence generations to come.

Until we return in September, enjoy the great releases and tours this summer along with all the juicy scandals brought about by a certain groupie (I am not going to give her any promotion for that crazy book of hers). Check out BEING BOBBY BROWN to see some of the most ghetto fabulous displays of affection between Bobby and Whitney along with his attention getting antics. I am reserving my DVD now!


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