Happy New Year!! Can You Believe Its 2012?

Although many are looking forward to this year as being one of doom, destruction, and possibly salvation, it is a new era in all of our lives filled with unlimited possibilities. As I reflect on this past year, I am proud of my work with BBOXRADIO.COM as it has allowed me to reinvigorate the presence of THEZROHOUR online and has increased our public exposure. The staff and team of volunteers at BBOX have produced a new outlet for independent radio right in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn. We have a ton of work to do to make a grander impression in 2012 but the launch this past Summer has been an event filled one to say the least.

DJ Ambush has returned to the fold and we are killing it every week while providing a gateway into the sounds of the ever evolving independent hip hop scene. We have a new member on the team, "Wyteboy" Chris, who I have long been mentoring yet he also inspires me to stay focused while providing insight into the current pulse of the streets. Old alliances have come into play (shout out to Dr. Bob Da Surgeon) and my personal focus on production has increased so stay tuned for new music coming out of the SIX ZRO camp (shout out to Audio Knox, Safari & Dango). I have one other project in the wings but it is still being developed and more news will be forthcoming in due time (shout out to Alexie F.).

Thanks for following, listening and supporting THEZROHOUR since 2004. We don't stop..

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