MUSIC TECH: TableDrum For iPad

I can't front, I was feeling "meh" when it came to the idea of pursuing ownership of Apple's iPad. I prefer the MacBook but with the phenomenal work developers are doing with the iOS, the iPad is becoming a musical force to be reckoned with.

I originally saw this video at one of my "secret stash" blogsites, MATRIXSYNTH. MATRIXSYNTH is one of the most informative recording gear websites that focuses on classic and new synthesizers, drum machines and assorted midi devices for the collector and musician looking for a unique piece of kit. The TableDrum app by Dohi Sweden is the perfect solution for turning table top drumming into a usable drum arrangement. I was blown away by how simple yet responsive the app appears in the video above. For $.99, its worth at least a demo session which may lead to the next backbeat of a future hit song. Check the developer's website for more info.

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