Point Dot Period's ZEPS Releases "American Immigrant"

ZEPS is a veteran of THE ZRO HOUR and has blessed the podcast with his quick wit and signature freestyles. His new album "American Immigrant" has dropped and he is only charging 2 bucks! ZEPS brought his flavor to Norway and is continuing his push for authentic hip hop!

Track listing:

01. From NY to NO
02. I Miss Her (Oslo)
03. Brooklyn’s In The House
04. Ninja Flow
05. Booger Sugar
06. Return The Favor
07. Dreams Come True
08. Catacombs [ft Son of Light]
09. Reset The Game
10. Mic Satisfaction [ft Phat Bastard]
11. Timezone [ft Dama Nilz]
12. Across The Map [ft Phat Bastard]
13. The Abyss
14. Set It Like This [ft Stark The Dutch]
15. I’m Out
16. Epidemic (Bastardo Gordo) [ft Phat Bastard]
17. Royalty [ft Phat Bastard]
18. National Rap Show Freestyle [ft Tommy Tee & DJ Herkules]
19. King Wings Crew Anthem
20. Norwenglish [ft Skald 251, J-Hon, and Demon-D]

Purchase HERE

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