A Moment For Japan

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This post is overdue. I have been silent as the horrific events continue to unfold in Japan after the massive 9.0 earthquake on March 11, 2011. If the tsunami, 10,000 dead/missing, homelessness, lack of food and water wasn't enough, a nuclear meltdown has begun. Tokyo is fast becoming a ghost town as businesses close and residents flee or seal themselves inside their homes. Several explosions led to subsequent releases of extremely harmful radiation. The type that lingers for decades. To their credit, the citizens of Japan have not resorted to looting or crime. They are trying to maintain dignity as they band together to survive.

The side effect of this natural disaster is the impact on the global marketplace. Japan is the primary manufacturer and supplier of electronic components for numerous industries. General Motors & iPad sound familiar? We have been served with visions of end of the world scenarios through entertainment. This is the real thing, its scary and it is one of the most significant events of this millennium. An event of this scale could occur in many other major cities. Let's continue to offer prayer and assistance to Japan throughout this crisis. There are many organizations to turn to but as with anything else choose wisely. Yahoo! a list of reputable organizations HERE

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