VIDEO: ETERNIA- "Queens Chronicles" Plus NOV/DEC 2010 European Tour Info

My favorite rapper who wears a skirt, ETERNIA, has debuted a video series delving into her life off stage and through her NY home base in Astoria, Queens. Eternia and DJ Boo set up on the street corner and gave the residents a proper lesson in authentic hip hop skills. She bonds with her neighbors and introduces her favorite peeps from around the way. "QUEENS CHRONICLES" Video by YEAH! Films Company. Shot & Edited by:
Miguel Barbosa & Jason Matos

Eternia's European tour begins November 26th in Brussels, Belgium and rides out through the month of December. She will be doing several dates sharing lineup with Pete rock & CL Smooth!

ft. DJ XRated & DJ Sav One

• NOV 26: Eternia @ Nexx in Brussels, Belgium Nov 26th

• NOV 30: Eternia @ L’Assomoir in St. Etienne France

• DEC 1: Eternia @ La Marquise in Lyon, France

• DEC 3: Eternia in VilleFranche, France

• DEC 4: Eternia @ CSOA Zapata in Genova, Italy

• DEC 7: Eternia @ Kapu in Linz, Austria

• DEC 8: Eternia @ Conne Island w/ PETE ROCK & CL SMOOTH in Leipzig, Germany

• DEC 9: Eternia @ Bohannon w/ PETE ROCK & CL SMOOTH in Berlin, Germany

• DEC 9 (late night): Eternia @ Cassiopeia w/ SHAD in Berlin, Germany

• DEC 11: Eternia @ Skaters Palace w/ PETE ROCK & CL SMOOTH in Munster, Germany

• DEC 16: Eternia @ Subway in Cologne, Germany

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