MUSIC TECH: Spectrasonics Trilian has all the bass you’ll ever need

If there’s any other instrument or element in popular music styles that has a profound of an effect on the over feel of the tracks as the drums do, it’s gotta be bass! A great bass riff, bass line, or bass part can take a track to the next level….gives it that thump baby! Honestly, when it comes to virtual bass sounds, one name usually comes up pretty much every time.


Their first product ever, was Bass Legends, a sample cd dedicated to the bass. Then some years later they produced Trilogy the first virtual instrument that was specifically made up of acoustic, electric, and synth bass sounds. That set the bar and Trilogy became the “go to” plugin for all your bass needs. Those with the computer power, and memory to take advantage never looked back.

Enter Trilian. The successor and evolution of Trilogy.

Quick Specs

* Content: 34gb core library
* Format: AU, VST,RTAS
* Price: $299

How does it sound?

Real. Fat. Deep. Huge. Live. Amazing. Thick. Round. Smooth. Harsh- yeah..I could keep going. Honestly, words really can’t describe it, you really have to hear it.
There are things that you may not even realize are missing from your bass sounds/instruments, until you play with Trilian!

Seriously, the detail in these instruments is beyond comparison, and I’ve heard/tried quite a few bass libraries in my days. Take the acoustic upright bass for example, when I heard it…man, I promise I thought I could smell it! It sounds that real. And let me be honest here, I’m no bass player, I have friends that are, and I’ve heard enough live bass in my years to know what one sounds like. It’s like I can actually hear and FEEL the strings vibrating, I feel like I’m actually playing the instrument.

The electric basses are the same thing, everything just sounds so authentic to my ears, from nice and smooth, to hard and harsh, the use of the fx in Trilian allow you to pull up a sexy fender electric and then pull up a harsh, trashy, heavy metal bass right after.

The fingered Clean Fender is amazing, based on the Fender J-bass, the character is just so useful. Thing is, after listening to these samples, it’s hard to even look at anything else, I hit the keys and I’m confident I can feel the strings vibrating, really…AND I can hear them. It’s not just a bass tone, I’m convinced they somehow trapped tiny bass fairies into the software that hit real bass strings every time I send them a midi message…true story. I also liked the muted Chapman Stick…and the picked Hip Hop bass from the Trilogy library, has a nice deep, boomy tone. Of course those are just a few of the many I loved.

Cool, so you expect good realistic bass right…how about the synth bass section?

Man it’s like a freakin museum of synths known for producing fat, throbbing, floor shaking bass! Seriously, Moog, SE-1, Roland, Access Virus, Waldorf, Dave Smith…if these names mean anything to you, then you know what type of treasure awaits. Not only that, but they sampled and reproduced some stuff I had absolutely NO idea ever existed, quirky limited run synths and modules, stuff only a true fanatic would know about. I was happy to see this stuff too.

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