KALAE ALL DAY Needs Your HELP with Her Next Project

We all know that this business of music is a STRUGGLE. It takes talent, connections, persistence and DOLLARS to maintain. KALAE ALL DAY is one of the brightest new artists to emerge with a depth of talent and attitude to match. Kalae set up a page on KICKSTARTER.COM to request donations to help fund her next two music videos. Her debut album "AFROMATIKNEOHIPPIEROCK*SOLEMUZIK" is very dope. Kalae is working with Noisemaker Media to film and produce her next two videos. Since she is an independent, a helping hand of support for this very visual and creative performer is needed.

Check out the link for details at KICKSTARTER to see what your donation provides.

Here is Kalae's first video "O.G.LYRiKALBOOKBAGGER" ft. Homeboy Sandman

Here is the interview that she did for THEZROHOUR:

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