VIDEO: HASAN SALAAM feat. LORD JAMAR (Brand Nubian)- "Angel Dust"

Hasan Salaam (featured guest on the promo release, "THE ZRO HOUR: Respect The Architects Vol.1"- see sidebar for link) and Noisemaker Media present "Angel Dust," a voyeuristic tale of survival. The fusion of Salaam's lyrical prowess and Noisemaker's edgy technical vision create a dark and mysterious world dominated by red hot passion and gripping pain. Noisemaker Media provides cinematic depth and unique perspective to the music video genre, separating themselves as a timeless brand captivating audiences worldwide.

Artist: Hasan Salaam | Title: Angel Dust featuring Lord Jamar [Brand Nubian] | Mark Carranceja [Director, Editor & Cinematographer] | Produced by Noisemaker Media & Hasan Salaam | Music Produced by Lord Jamar [Brand Nubian] | Justin Denmark [Assistant Director] | Starring Ameena Dove, Hasan Salaam and Lord Jamar

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