Founding member of the Stronghold underground rap collective, Breez Evahflowin along with Dutch creative artist Arjen Noordeman have collaborated to release an animated video of the album's second track, "I Know". Taken from last fall's "Breez Deez Treez" release, Noordeman came up with the idea to make an animated video drawn entirely by hand, and blended with video of the MC. The concept was to make an animated sketchbook, like a diary reflecting the personal story of the artist. The process began with Noordeman shooting video of Breez on his NYC rooftop and at his studio in DUMBO. The filmmaker then printed 100 frames of video at a time so he could carry the printouts around with him, sketching the individual frames in pencil whenever he had a chance. Noordeman then transitioned to to brush-painted animation, while his partner Christie Wright conceived of an animated ink-drawn line to tie the different elements together. The result is a mix of live-action and hand-drawn animation that tells the story of an MC striving to maintain a unique voice in a sea of cookie-cutter commercial hooks.

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