MUSIC TECH: Big Fish Audio Rotation Hip Hop Samples

What is Rotation Hip Hop?

The idea of this library is to provide you with a collection of “radio ready” sounds and samples. Not just one style but any and everything you’d be likely to hear on any popular urban radio station.

The crunk club smashers, the urban rnb vibes. The chopped/pop sample style music, synth based euro gangsta lol…you get the idea. This is just a large collection of popular and contemporary sounding samples

Quick Specs

* Content: 2gb 24 bit wav files (4.68gb all together across formats)
* Format: wav, rex, acid, rmx, apple
* Price: $99.95

How does it sound?

It sounds like urban music…period.

I won’t lie, I was expecting some corny attempt to capture the current “trendy” style of music, I expected it to be one-sided. This library has a lot of various styles from east to west, north to south, club to street, it’s all covered.

The production style is on point, the sounds especially keys and strings are organic, the drums bang, the synths are nice. Everything is recorded and produced with a certain “sheen” on it, but yet still captures everything you’d expect from the particular genre it’s going after.

There are even some random vocal and other samples to give you that chopped, vocal, sample vibe yet still keeping it radio ready.

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