MIXTAPES: DASHAH & DJ PAUSE- "Fresh Vetz: Vet Status"

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Dashah, who was previously featured on an episode of THE ZRO HOUR and on the promo release THE ZRO HOUR: Respect the Architects Vol. 1, has released this new project with long time collaborator DJ Pause. Dashah says, "The direction of this album is sick beats and dope rhymes. We wanted to take It back to the basics because that's what we feel is missing right now. The sound on Vet Status is a lot more fresher than Rap Burgular 2.5. It's not as nostalgic and underground as people may think. We tried some different things on this, but kept in the realms of who we are and for the most part hip hop. This album definitely has an old school feel to it while at the same time still being able to compete in today's formulated climate." DJ Pause adds, "With this album, we wanted the production to sound a little harder than Rap Burglar 2.5. Also we wanted a to pay homage to Hip Hop and have an old school feel as well. We tried some new styles and sounds with Vet Status but still kept it us and what we represent. Dashah stepped it up on the mic too."


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