VIDEO: Eternia presents "The 411: Because I am a Girl" Tour Video

Here is some background on this great tour in Eternia's own words:

"I get a lot of questions from my family, friends and fans about this “411: Because I am A Girl” school tour. I figured instead of trying to explain what I do, as a Hip Hop artist, at these schools. I would show you.

I am blessed to tour with a wonderful family of inspiring ladies: Nana (who is shown hyping me up in these clips, but she hosts the entire show!), Hip Hop artist Masia One, and the founder of The 411 Initiative for Change & these school tour programs, Tamara Dawit. We even have our very own DJ – Kyle – who, besides tour managing, driving, doing our sound, and generally doing everything else, also reps “Because I Am A Girl” proudly.

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