Come Out and Celebrate HARLEM DAY Tomorrow August 16th

HARLEM DAY, which began, in 1974 as just that—a one-day event, is now widely known as HARLEM WEEK and the Harlem Jazz & Music Festival. This year celebrating its 35th anniversary, HARLEM DAY, which stretches east to west across West 135th Street for a 1/2 mile from Fifth Avenue to St. Nicholas Avenue provides live continuous entertainment from a variety of stages; The NYC Children’s Festival, The Upper Manhattan Auto Show; The NYC Health Fair & Expo; The HARLEM WEEK Jr. Tennis Classic Championship; special worship services at numerous churches, as well as a fashion showcase with a focus on back-to- school wear for children and teens and includes over 500 exhibitors and vendors offering just about everything imaginable.

Part I:
3 Main Stages:
12 Noon – 7:00 PM

1. St. Nicholas Stage – R & B / Hip Hop/Reggae
Theme: “KISSing After Dark”
W. 135th St. (Between Frederick Douglass Blvd. & St. Nicholas Ave.)

2. YMCA Stage – Various Community Based performances of dance/fashion/poetry/music
Theme: “The Open Line”
W. 135th St. (Between Malcolm X & A. C. Powell Jr. Blvds.)

3. 5th Ave. Stage – Gospel & Jazz/Soul
Theme: “Soul Beginnings”
W. 135th St. (Between 5th Ave. & Malcolm X Blvd.)

Events take place all day. Free to the general public.
Rain Date: Sunday, August 23rd

Part II:
11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
N.Y. City Health Fair & Expo (Part II) 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Day long Health Exam, Education, Information, Health Testing, Material Distribution, Questions, and Answers for the entire family.

Hospitals being featured for the day:

Harlem Hospital, Columbia Medical Center, St. Lukes Roosevelt Hospital, and Hospital of Podiatric Medicine

2 Blocks Betweem W. 135th St. & 5th Ave. - A. C. Powell Jr. Blvds.

Part III:
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
The Upper Manhattan Auto Show

Saluting the future of our environment.

Inviting all Hybrid and Fuel efficient Cars, SUVs, Motorcycles, Bicycles, and Tricycles to participate.

Howard Bennett Playground

W. 135th St. (Btwn. 5th Ave. & Malcolm X Blvd.)

Part IV:
11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
The N.Y. City Children’s Festival (Part II)

Special focus on the Health of our Youth.
Highlighting Oral Health, Diabetes, Obesity, Asthma and Dietary Health & Exercising,
Health Testing, Information, Education and Training.
Come see Our Children’s Fashion Show
W. 135th St. (Btwn. Malcolm X & A. C. Powell Jr. Blvds.)
A Free event (Tickets required)

Part V:
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
The Harlem Honeys & Bears

New York City Youth Swimming Demonstrations
The most perfect form of exercise available to all ages at all times and it can also be life saving.

For more info, call 646-302-3487

Part VI:
International Vendors, Exhibits, Foods, Art, Fun & Games
W. 135th St. (Between. Fifth and St. Nicholas Aves.)

Sunday, 16th
11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
W. 135th St.
(Between Fifth and St. Nicholas Aves.)

Free to the general public

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