MOVIES: Capoeira and Brazilian Mysticism Combine in Martial Art Film "BESOURO (BEETLE)"

Due to hit Brazilian screens in October 2009, "BESOURO", showcases the deadly, acrobatic martial art Capoeira in a way never seen before. Ailton Carmo plays the title character, Besouro (beetle), in an era that seems to be set during the time of slavery. Capoeira was a fighting style created by the African slaves in Brazil in the early 16th or 17th century. The art was developed and practiced under disguise of music and dance. The dancing movements involved flips, sweeps, high kicks and feints. The music of Capoeira is percussive with rhythmic chanting. The comparison to b-boy dance demonstrates the uncanny similarities of two disciplines, spiritually and culturally developed centuries apart. The trailer is sick and the fights look brutal. Although elements of the movie involve mysticism and supernatural themes, the screen fighting talent of Ailton Carmo could make him the "Tony Jaa" of Brazil.

BESOURO Film Blog (In Portuguese)

Thanks to TWITCH for the heads up..


Here is the trailer with English subtitles:

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