VIDEO: Possibly The Best Human Beatbox I Have Ever Heard

What the F@**!! My mouth dropped after watching this. This may be the best human beat box I have ever heard. Daichi, 18 year old Japanese human beat boxer, emulates keyboard sounds, turntable scratching and drum sounds with incredible clarity and tonal chracter. Daichi rocks original beats that are ready for production. The video was his submission to the Beatbox Battle Online World Championship on YouTube to determine a wildcard competitor for the official Beatbox Battle World Championship in May 2009 in Berlin, Germany.


All you need is to record an new beatboxing clip and response to this clip here. Be creative and produce a Beatbox-clip with a funky idea and a simple concept. Represent your own music style and show your entertainer skills here on YouTube.

We exspect all Beatboxer world wide to enter this competition to win the wildcard or just for fun anyway.
Remember, only one of you can win the golden microphone and earn the titel: World Champion.

- Record your video in a good sound quality.
- The maximum clip lengh is 150 seconds.
- A clip must show you (only 1 person) doing beatbox.
- Start with the sentence: My Name is „XXX" and I want to win the Beatbox Battle wildcard.
- You must be 16 years or older to enter the contest.
- Do NOT upload fake stuff or bitting other Beatboxers routines.
- This contest isn't country restricted so you can take part from all parts of the world.
- The deadline of sending videos for the competition is: 29. April 2009.

Deadline is soon so if there are any challengers to Daichi and the other contestants' skill, film a clip and you may earn a spot in the battle.

Thanks to ILLSEED @ ALLHIPHOP for the original posting.

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