VIDEO: KAIN- "Letter To Puff"

Former Bad Boy recording artist, KAIN drops some insight into his time dealing with Puff on Bad Boy over Jadakiss' "Lettter to B.I.G." track. Very interesting and revealing lyrics here. It brings to mind the recent tell all book by MARK CURRY, another former Bad Boy recording artist, entitled "Dancing With The Devil: How Puff Burned The Bad Boys Of Hip Hop. I recently finished reading that book and after seeing this video, I know that I need to up that review very soon. Many people are not even aware of the book or taking it very seriously. Much has been said on the hush but in time the story always comes to the light. Two sides to everything people but when you have several people sounding more than "disgruntled", its worth a listen..


NewMark2009 said...

www.markcurrybook.com.. I want to do that interview..

EDAYE said...
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EDAYE said...

If this is the real Mark Curry, I am very interested in talking about an interview. Connect with me at edaye@thezrohour.com..


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