MUSIC TECH: OpenLabs DBeat Blends Computer, Audio Control Surface Into One Monster Machine

OPENLABS, manufacturers of the MiKo and NeKo computer/keyboard, are stepping into the sampling/drum machine arena with a new device that folds in the power and flexibility of a desktop computer.

From Engadget:

OpenLab's DBeat, a monster of a rig, blends a full-bore 3GHz Core 2 Duo and 12-inch capacitive multitouch LCD screen with tracking controls, a DJ-oriented MIDI controller, iPod dock and a high-quality 4-in/6-out audio interface all into one integrated unit. Spec-wise you're looking at 4GB of RAM and a 320GB drive, as well as a dual-layer burner..

Sounds crazy but at a price tag of $3,999 I would have put this on Santa's wish list. Check the OpenLabs link above for more details.

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